Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

As new smartphones continuously hit the market, it can be hard to keep up. Without looking at the pros and cons and what each device offers, it’s tough to choose which device is best for you and your lifestyle. When you take a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S7, you’ll notice it offers 4G LTE, 5.1-inch screen and 5 MP front-facing camera. But throughout this Samsung Galaxy S7 review, we’ll evaluate the display, design, camera, battery and more to give you a better look at this device and determine if it is the right smartphone for you.

To Buy or Not to Buy: Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

When deciding whether or not to invest in the newest smartphone, most users look at a variety of features including design, display, camera, battery, storage and more. Continue reading below for a full review of all of the Samsung Galaxy S7’s features.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Galaxy S7 Design

The new device brings some significant changes when it comes to interior features. For instance, the storage expansion. The microSD card is placed nicely on the top left side of the phone. Another convenient feature is that it is dust and water resistant, allowing you to completely immerse your phone in water up to 1.5 meters for as long as half an hour. With the Galaxy S7, there is no worry when using your phone outside while it’s raining or placing it down on a surface that may be wet or damp.

Another change is the new always-on screen ability. This feature offers handy information like the time and up-to-date notifications, even if you put your phone on standby. You can personalize your screen with different styles of clocks, notification views, calendar views and more.

On the back of the device, you’ll see the camera exterior was reduced. Not a big difference but a smaller bump means it lays flatter while charging, doesn’t tip, and is less likely to catch on while placing in your pocket. The other main physical change is that there are now curves on both long ends of the rear panel, making it feel a lot smaller, plus it looks and feels much more sophisticated.

A downside? Although it looks great being very shiny and flashy, if your fingers happen to be greasy or oily, it will show on your device. You’ll most likely find yourself wiping your phone throughout the day.

Galaxy S7 Display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 display is a slight update from previous models. With the Galaxy S7, you get the 5.1-inch display with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560, which is the same as last year’s S6. When it comes to contrast, it doesn’t get any better than a Super AMOLED-built piece. The color value is outstanding, and the device offers a few different modes you can play with. Being that the auto-brightness is disabled, brightness highest reach is 354cd/m2, which isn’t too bright. You can change this if you turn on auto-brightness. Samsung’s Adaptive mode does excellent work in producing eye-catching pictures that look natural with gorgeous colors.

Galaxy S7 Camera

This model definitely has a change in the camera’s imaging sensor. The resolution went down from 16 to 12 megapixels, and in the course of that, transformed the aspect ratio of how many images are captured. Because the resolution went down, Samsung increased the pixel size and brightened the aperture. Brighter means quicker shutter speeds and finer pictures, as well as less noise, meaning cleaner, more accurate photos. Although it doesn’t make a big difference when you’re taking photos outside, you can take sharper pictures in conditions under low-light, particularly if the subject of the picture is in motion. On the other hand, colors are not as saturated looking as images taken on the S6.

Another plus is the sensor has an enhanced phase-detect autofocus structure. It’s obvious that phase-detection pixels are implanted on the autofocus sensor, so you get less blurry pictures. The S7 does focus faster than the S6 and is more reliable in a broader variety of circumstances and lighting conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Galaxy S7 Battery

Because of the S7’s large 3,000mAh battery, your constant social media activity, web searching or email checking won’t affect the battery life as much as it once did.  However, the S7 isn’t the battery-life revelation we were all hoping for in this new model. You can expect a day out of it with moderate use, but even with relatively little use, you may find yourself charging your device around the half way mark.

Bottom Line: Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

There is no question that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy S6. Its camera and performance have both improved, in some respects, battery life is superior, and the return of storage expansion is a major bonus. As expected, Samsung’s price tag on the S7 is on the high side. But compared to competitors, the S7, is a better value for your money. For those who want the best, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is undoubtedly the phone to buy. It’s fast, sleek, beautiful, capable, and an incredible device to own.

We hope this Samsung Galaxy S7 review was helpful to you and wish you luck in your search for the perfect smartphone! If you ever find yourself seeking Samsung Galaxy S7 repair services, head to your local CPR Cell Phone Repair. Our skilled technicians are trained to fix devices of all makers and models. They can provide a diagnosis as well as a free estimate on the cost of the repair. Find a CPR location nearest you!

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