Repair or Replace: How to Determine What To Do With Your Broken Phone

cracked phone on the floorBroken phone? From texts to emails to ever-important games, a broken phone can seem to put everything else on hold. These devices have managed to become some of the most important technology we have today. So, let’s assess the options: get your phone fixed – or – get a new phone. Pretty simple, right? Not always. Depending on the cause of your broken phone, these options are vastly different and can range in cost, too.

Fixing or Replacing Your Damaged Cell Phone

So, how can you decide what to do? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding to replace your device:

  1. What is the problem?

Cracked screen? Broken home button? Knowing what the problem is will allow you to accurately estimate the cost of repair.

  1. Is your phone insured?

Do you pay for insurance through your service provider? Check out the insurance coverage you have been paying for and see what options that provides.

  1. How much will it cost to repair? To replace?

Price isn’t everything, but if a repair costs $100 and a new phone costs close to $1,000, even with insurance, the repair is worth it.

  1. Do you like your phone?

If you repair this phone, you can keep it and probably keep most or all of your data. A new phone will have a learning curve and you may lose contacts, apps, and other information from the older device.

These questions are meant to help you determine whether it is worth it to repair or replace your cell phone. Other things to consider are the emotional connection to your phone, usability, and the age/generation of the phone compared to the new phone you could have.

Considering Your Options

Repairing your phone does not have to be a long, drawn out, expensive process. Many phone issues are caused by problems that do not take long to fix. Taking your phone into your service provider, however, does not always mean it will get fixed. These providers often do not have the technical knowledge or tools on-site and are therefore forced to ship your phone elsewhere for repairs–it can be a long time before you get your phone back. This inconvenience may make you consider simply replacing your phone, but there is another option.

Cell Phone Repair has the tools and experience to repair many phones onsite at any of its 500 locations. Simply bring your phone into any CPR location, and our experienced technicians will determine the problem and propose solutions.

From repair to replacement, you can rest assured you won’t be without a phone for long. If your phone is damaged beyond repair, CPR has options to replace or trade in your broken phone for a new or refurbished model. Whether your phone is broken beyond repair or simply damaged, CPR has the experience and tools to determine the best approach.

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