Online Security: How to Keep Your Information Private

Online security - Woman working on her laptop.Nowadays, your online security may be at risk constantly. Hackers will attempt to break through security barriers to steal personal information and gain access to email, online banking, and even social media sites. The latest Heartbleed scandal has illuminated loopholes that hackers can use to gain access, despite how secure a site claims to be. Consumers must take responsibility to protect themselves and their information online. So, what can you do to protect yourself and keep hackers out of your virtual life?

Online Security Tips

Create Secure Passwords

Hackers will try any number of combinations using important words, numbers, and punctuation to gain access to information. Instead, we recommend using a random password generator. Generators allow you to automatically create more secure passwords than you might be able to create on your own.

Change Your Passwords Often

Regularly changing your passwords will help protect you and your private information from hackers.

Be Aware of Phishing

A safe bet is never to provide personal information over the phone or via email, especially if it’s unsolicited. Banks and other legitimate industries will ask for this information in a more secure manner, not in an email.

Track Your Credit Card Statements

Finances tend to be the first place identity thieves hit. Your statements can serve as early indicators to indicate a potential threat. Online banking makes it easy for you to peek in and make sure there are no suspicious charges. If you see suspicious activity, contact your credit card company right away to stop payments and cancel your card.

Obtain Identity Protection

Third party identity protection services alert you of any suspicious activity with your credit and online security. These may be good options if you aren’t opposed to spending a few dollars a year to keep an eye on your finances.

Cyber threats are everywhere and preventing them is becoming more difficult each year. By taking CPR’s recommended steps outlined above, you can defend against hackers trying to gain access to your sensitive information. As the Heartbleed loophole has shown, even the most secure systems can have a backdoor for hackers to gain access.

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