Features to Try: Things Android Can Do That iOS Can’t

The debate between Android and iOS users over who has it better is never-ending. With varying levels of customization, security features, and storage management, each operating system has its strengths and weaknesses. In this article, CPR Cell Phone Repair unpacks some of the things Android can do that iOS can’t.

Our Favorite Things Android Can Do That iOS Can’t

As tech continues to evolve, competition is stiffer than ever between smartphone specs and operating systems. Whether you’re debating joining team Samsung or already an Android devotee and looking for new ways to show up your iPhone-using friends, this guide is for you.

  1. Use Two Apps at Once

    Although Apple finally integrated split-screen options on the iPad in iPadOS 13, they’ve yet to add this feature to the iPhone. Android users, however, have had this tool available since the 2016 release of Android 7.0 Nougat. Whether you need to reference a document while writing an email or pull up someone’s contact info to send to someone else, there’s no doubt this tool is incredibly useful.

    Launching split-screen mode is easy to do. While the process varies depending on the Android device you’re using; you can generally access it by tapping the app’s icon at the top of its multitasking card.

  2. Keep Streaming with Picture-in-Picture Mode

    Android smartphones gained picture-in-picture functionality in 2017, with the release of Android Oreo. You can use this feature to watch a video while browsing social media or using another app. In addition to video apps, you can also use this tool with Google Maps and video calls.

  3. Fully Customize Your Home Screen

    Unlike the grid of iOS devices, your Android phone supports any configuration of apps as well as differently sized widgets. Plus, if you find yourself getting bored with the same old wallpaper and lock screen, you can use Google’s Wallpapers app to change up your backgrounds automatically.

  4. Change Almost Everything About Your Phone

    man using android deviceThe customization options don’t end there. While your Android device comes preinstalled with a launcher, you’re not stuck with what launches out of the box.

    Launchers offer a wide variety of customization. Whether you’re looking for one that simplifies your home screen design or prefer specific interactions with your apps, you’re sure to find one that supports your needs.

  5. Set Your Default Apps

    When it comes to our browsers, text messaging, and email providers, we all have our preferences. Although iPhone users can finally delete built-in Apple apps, they’re stuck with iMessage and Mail as their defaults. As an Android smartphone user, on the other hand, you can select your defaults from various options.

No doubt, switching to an Android device means greater control over how your smartphone operates. However, as with all tech, the more you use it, the more likely you are to suffer an accidental drop, spill, or other issues that put your device out of commission.

Whether you’re a longtime Android user or are still learning your way around the operating system, CPR Cell Phone Repair can help! With expert repairs for Samsung, Pixel, and other Android devices, our friendly technicians will have your phone working like new. Get in touch with a store near you to get started!

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