Must-Know Facts About the Xbox One X

image of xbox one xVideo game enthusiasts, rejoice! A brand-new Xbox hits the market on November 7th. Early reviews and leaked details reveal that the Xbox One X could be the most powerful—and sleekest—gaming console ever.

With their newest model, Microsoft has made some surprising decisions and included exciting new features. If you’re considering purchasing the latest and greatest in gaming ware, read on for need-to-know facts about the Xbox One X.

Must-Know Facts About the Xbox One X

The official slogan of the Xbox One X marketing campaign is “Feel True Power,” and we’re fairly certain, with this new console, you will.

The Gist of It

First things first: It should be noted, before we go any further, that the Xbox One X doesn’t play new games. Microsoft has divulged that it won’t release exclusive games for the Xbox One X. Rather, the system allows you to play the games you already have, just with faster load time, higher resolution and more dynamic graphics.

Microsoft is relying on the console’s new design and technological updates as selling points. The company claims that even with the 40% increase in power, the Xbox One X is the smallest game console created.

The Xbox One X features subtle aesthetic differences from its predecessor, the Xbox One S, but retains its overall design, to the delight of fans of the Xbox family. The newest version is smaller and slimmer, comes in a midnight gray as opposed to white and the disc tray has moved slightly in location.

Additionally, Microsoft has created a special edition Xbox One X available for pre-order: The Project Scorpio Edition. This limited release model features the Project Scorpio custom branding, which was the code name for the console while it was still in the development phase.

The Specs

The new Xbox One X is loaded with souped-up software and hardware. Outside, the new Xbox has an updated cooling and power delivery system. Because of its small size, this update is a necessity to keep temperatures down and efficiency up. Plus, the console is one of only a few that also supports additional keyboard and mouse controls.

On the inside, the console features 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, 12GB GDDR5 graphics memory, and 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth. Thanks to 2160p frame buffers and 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) resolution, the Xbox One X brings video games to life in ways its competition does not and allows users to experience truly immersive gaming. The Xbox One X also has improved storage; 1TB hard disk with 8GB of flash storage, to be exact.

The Cons

As previously mentioned, the newest member of Microsoft’s Xbox family of consoles will not have any of its own exclusive games. The company has assured users that its most popular games will be compatible with—and enhanced by—the Xbox One X; including Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Madden NFL, and Minecraft. But, it’s hard to say if individual game developers will cater to the high-performance mandate of the Xbox One X.

Another con: The associated price tag is a little steep for a game console. Microsoft and other retailers are asking customers to shell out $499.99 for the Xbox One X, making it twice as expensive as the Xbox One S. Included in the price is the console itself, one Xbox wireless controller, an HDMI cable, a power cable, plus free trials of the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold trial.

Lastly, those users who have a 1080p TV may find they need to upgrade to a 4K TV to handle the power of the Xbox One X, incurring additional costs.

The Conclusion

If you’re serious about gaming and love new technology, the Xbox One X could be the console for you. It will certainly make your Xbox games look and play better than ever. And the enhanced performance will make for more exciting competition in the realm of Xbox Live, ensuring improved speed, stability, and reliability.

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