Avoid the Need to Remove Bloatware

Woman's hands on laptop working to remove bloatware.Removing bloatware will help speed up your laptop computer. How? It minimizes the number of programs as well as cutting down on the number of apps and systems you don’t need. It’s like filtering out junk email from your inbox. Every day you might be inundated with marketing schemes announcing products and features that you “can’t live without,” but in reality, your life is simplified without them. The more you delete and block, the easier it is to use your email system appropriately. Likewise, the more you remove bloatware, the easier it is to use your computer efficiently.

What is Bloatware?

The computer manufacturer essentially sells space on the hard drives of new computers to be used as ad space. You’ll see pop-ups and reminders from your computer about “free trial” products and services. Bloatware can be advertised as a beneficial thing in marketing materials by using this type of language.

Avoiding Bloatware

Users who run Windows on their PC often need to remove bloatware. However, there are a few ways to avoid bloatware rather than removing it after purchasing. Suggestions for avoiding bloatware include:

  • Doing research on a manufacturer’s website. The home website has less reason to tout bloatware as a perk.
  • Browsing user reviews. Some models or manufacturers are worse than others when it comes to bloatware.
  • Buying a more expensive laptop. Sadly, the more expensive a model, the less bloatware it will have.

Removing Bloatware

If you already have a computer, the most straightforward method to remove bloatware is by uninstalling it manually. Do a Window’s search for “uninstall” and choose to “uninstall a program.” Gauge which programs to uninstall by who the publisher is and the usage stats. You can also download an uninstall helper to assist the process. Be careful not to uninstall crucial tools. If you get overzealous, it’s possible to permanently break a feature within your new laptop.

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