iOS 9 Features You Will Love

Apple recently posted the new iOS 9 features which are expected to launch publicly this fall. Currently, over 80% of current iPhone users have iOS 8, and Apple is anticipating that most of them will make the upgrade to iOS 9. When you read about the iOS 9 features, you’ll understand why! Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect with the new iOS this fall.

Top iOS 9 Features

In much anticipation of the new iOS launch, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite upgrades you can expect to see. Get ready to install the upgrade with this helpful list.

New and Updated Built-in Apps

iOS 9 Features You'll Love!

Get more out of your Apple device with exciting built-in apps like “News.” The beautifully-designed News app features all the news you want in one convenient place. Set preferences for news you care about, and the app automatically collects from top news sources and organizes the stories in your feed.

Another noteworthy app upgrade is the new Note application in iOS 9. The new iOS takes what was once a simple (and a bit bland) app and transforms it into a more powerful, useful note application. With iOS 9, you will be able to add photos, maps, links, sketches, and create checklists!

Improved Intelligence

Siri has gotten an upgrade. That’s right; Siri is smarter and faster than ever. She can make suggestions before you speak. Search functions are more sophisticated than any previous iOS, showing you suggested contacts, apps, and other functions based on the time of day and your location.

Multitasking on iPad

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard in the past about the iPad was its inability to perform multiple tasks at once. That’s no longer the case. One of our favorite iOS 9 features is the ability to multitask with split screen and picture-in-picture mode. Type an email while you Facetime with your friends, or keep your favorite site open while you type a paper.

Extended Battery Life

The new iOS will give you the gift of time! That’s right, spend more time away from the outlet, and more time in the world. Apple boasts that iOS 9 gives users an extra hour of battery life!

Smaller iOS

Apple is known for making things physically smaller, thinner, and sleeker. They have taken that same mentality into their operating system. Also, iOS 9 will be much more powerful and exciting than iOS 8; it will take up far less space on your device at 1.3GB vs. 4.58GB for iOS8.

Improved Security

Nowadays, we have our entire lives on our phone. Anything from social media passwords, emails, or banking information is more susceptible to being stolen. Tighten up the security on your device with iOS 9. 6-digit passcodes make your device far more difficult for people to access, and two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection.

Android Migration

For the Android fans who are sold on getting an iPhone, the new Android Migration app makes it easier than ever to shift your info from an Android device to your new iPhone.

These new features are just what we’d expect to see from Apple, and Apple fans are rejoicing. iOS 9 should be released this fall. However, you can sign up for a beta program where you can test out the new iOS before the full launch! Are you as excited about the new iOS 9 features as we are?

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