Tips for Computer Safety on Vacation

Man practicing computer safety on a beach vacation. Computer safety is probably on your mind because you are about to embark on a week-long Caribbean cruise. Since you feel as if you can’t live without your laptop, cell phone, tablet and digital camera, these gadgets will be joining you on vacation. But all of that rough travel plus the exposure to the salty, harsh elements has you worried. Is there anything you can do to ensure computer safety while on vacation? What should you leave at home?

Computer Safety Tips

The following tips and reminders for computer safety should help you plan your vacation.

When in doubt, do without

Depending on the length of your vacation, work expectations, etc., you might be required to check in with the outside world at some point. Remember that many vacation spots get lousy internet service, if any service at all. Not to mention that a vacation should be an escape from your usual routine. Before exerting the extra effort to bring your brand new tablet, stop and think about it for a moment. Do you really need it? Will you actually be able to use it? Maybe it would be better to set it aside for a few days?

Pack with care

Airport baggage handlers must be organized and efficient to make sure that your luggage doesn’t end up in Iceland, or any of the thousands of other destinations that you are not planning to visit! This means that the handlers need to be fast workers, and fast doesn’t always lend itself to being very careful. Bags are heaved, thrown, squashed, and constantly dropped during transit. Be sure to pack your electronic devices accordingly. Pad them in special traveling cases and wrap them in clothing items for extra protection. This is especially important for laptop computer safety. It might be better to transport it in a carry-on bag and keep it with you at all times.

Know the environment

For instance, if you are planning a beach vacation, be prepared for sand and water exposure. You can buy waterproof cases for computers and electronic devices. For many smaller devices, you can also use Ziploc bags. Should your device slip free from your grasp in the middle of a tense game of Words with Friends, it will be protected from the wet sand underfoot.

Conserve your battery

In your day-to-day routine, you have access to any number of outlets to recharge your laptop and electronic devices. On vacation, when you head out the door you might not know where your daily adventures will take you. You can’t be sure if there will be a way to charge your electronic device when you get there. A simple tip for conserving your battery is to turn it off when there are no service bars. This computer safety concept is so easy that we often forget it. You can reduce screen brightness, auto rotation, widgets, Internet, and other settings that also drain the battery quickly.

Vacationing with electronics can be a stressful necessity. These computer safety tips are helpful, but are not fool-proof when it comes to guarding your electronic devices. Despite your best efforts, accidents still happen. And when those accidents happen, CPR is here to help! With locations across the United States and a mail-in option for certain devices, don’t despair about a damaged cell phone or laptop. Just stop by, and our team of certified technicians will restore and repair your device.

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