Cell Phone Protection: Cases, Covers and Screen Protectors

We’ve all been there before – you drop your phone, face down. There’s a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you bend down to pick it up. Drops can cause major damage to a cell phone. Luckily, there are ways to protect your phone from the hazards of daily life. Cell phone protection can help your phone survive drops, encounters with liquids, kids, and everyday wear and tear.

Types of Cell Phone Protection

Cell phone protection can include a number of precautions that will help to prevent damage and keep your phone in working order.

Get a Screen Protector

While even a simple piece of plastic stuck to the screen of your phone can keep your screen from getting scratched, there’s a reason tempered glass screen protectors are the best protectors in the industry. In a fall, it can protect the screen from cracking or keep an already broken screen from shattering even more. Installing a tempered glass screen protector on your device such as an InvisibleShield screen protector will help you rest assured knowing your phone is safe from cracks and scratches.

Find a Case

There are thousands of different options for cases, some are bulkier than others. Find one that you can live with but also one that can help cushion the phone from a fall. There are many cases that are more decorative than protective, so whatever you choose, understand the level of protection and make sure you can live with it.

Keep Your Phone in a Plastic Bag

By keeping your phone in a plastic bag, it’s protected from water, dirt, and sand-all things that can get into your device and cause internal problems. This tip is great for going to the beach, on hikes, or any other outdoor activity. Also, keep your phone away from your keys, they can scratch the screen or nick the edges of the phone.

Don’t Take Your Phone in the Bathroom

Everyone has heard the story about a friend dropping their phone in the toilet. Simply put, to avoid this, don’t bring your phone into the bathroom or anywhere there is a risk of dropping the phone into water.

Get insurance

No matter how careful you are with your phone, there are bound to be accidental drops or exposure to liquids. Purchasing insurance on your phone not only ensures your device is covered for minor damages, but it will save you money in the long run should any detrimental damage occur. Along with purchasing insurance, installing a smartphone screen protector is the easiest way to protect your phone and your wallet.

Cell phones are not indestructible. Even a short drop or a splash of water can cause external and internal damage. Taking steps to avoid these mishaps and physically protecting your phone are habits you should consider adopting. Should you take all these precautions to heart but still manage to damage your phone, CPR and our Gadget Tech team can help. From external scratches and cracks to internal erosion and damage, each Cell Phone Repair location is equipped to handle even the most difficult phone problems, fast. Find your nearest CPR store for more information on repair services in your area.

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