5 New Features To Look Forward to on Apple iOS 14

In June, at the WWDC 2020 Virtual Developer Conference, Apple announced the latest version of their popular mobile operating system, iOS 14. While the beta has been available all summer long, the public release is scheduled to go out later this month. The operating system promises more than tweaks this go around. In fact, iOS 14 is rumored to be one of Apple’s most expansive updates ever released. If you’re wondering what you can expect, continue reading our favorite five noteworthy Apple iOS 14 features. 

5 Features Appearing on the New Apple iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14’s release date is quickly approaching and includes several exciting changes. Whether you’re planning to buy the latest iPhone model or upgrade your Apple device from iOS 13 to the new iOS software, here are some key features to look forward to.

  1. New Home Screen

    Apple’s new home screen design brings all your favorite items into one display. Like Android, you can add and re-arrange your most-used apps into one convenient folder using App Library. Rather than scrolling through your phone, apps will be easier to navigate. Plus, you can sort and group them into categories.

    iphone displaying new ios 14 home screen Widgets have also been revamped for your convenience. With iOS 14 installed, you can effortlessly move and resize existing and new widgets from Today View to your Home Screen. Plus, with the latest Smart Stack widget, there’s now a way for your phone to remember which apps you pull up most frequently and the time of day they’re accessed. For example, instead of always opening up your email app before your daily commute, Smart Stack does the work for you.

  2. Translate

    You can expect the newest Translate app to work similarly to Google’s translate feature. Enhanced with Siri and a built-in dictionary, this app functions online and provides real-time language translations. For an enlarged, side-by-side translation view, simply tilt your iPhone to landscape orientation. Translate offers translation for 11 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic. 

  3. Picture-in-Picture

    Picture-in-Picture is perfect for iPhone multi-taskers. This new feature lets you watch a video or answer a FaceTime call while another app is in use. Your videos stream in a smaller window on the main screen you’re using, and can even stay in place as you scroll through other apps, such as iMessage or Apple Podcasts. As a bonus, you can also enlarge Picture-in-Picture screens, drag them to another corner, or swipe them away without stopping the video’s audio. 

  4. Apple CarPlay

    With new wallpaper and app categories, Apple CarPlay has a fresh, new look. This upgraded in-car multimedia system supports quick food-ordering apps, third-party parking, and EV charging. Car Play also allows users to share their ETA with friends and family, making it easier for you to keep tabs on those closest to you.

  5. Apple Health App

    The updated Apple Health app makes tracking your health and fitness goals more accessible than ever. Customized sleep schedules and sleep modes help you create a healthier bedtime routine and get better quality sleep each night. 

    With the Health Checklist tool in place, your most essential health features are prioritized on one convenient platform. You can easily turn on and off checklist features, view your latest health updates, and see which ones are currently enabled on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

While we’ve listed some of our favorite iOS changes, there are plenty of additional  iOS 14 software updates on the Apple website. Of course, if your phone isn’t working correctly, it’s hard to make the most of these exciting new features. Luckily, CPR is here to help. Whether you own the iPhone 7, the iPhone XR, or are waiting to get your hands on the new iPhone later this year, we can assist with all your Apple iPhone repair needs. Contact your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store today to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians.

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