PC Computers: Arguably the Best Gaming System

PC's - The Best Gaming SystemThe throne for “best gaming system” has been grappled over for the past few decades. However, the PC has remained king regarding longevity and popularity. Before the video game culture of current times, the very first video games existed inside a computer that took up half of your desk.

Gaming History

In the 1940’s, the first “video games” were a branch of research in artificial intelligence. They were created to demonstrate human-machine interaction, adaptive intelligence, and military strategy. Essentially, board games and card games were just being recreated in digital form. Tennis for Two, one of the earliest games, involved players hitting a ball back and forth on a black screen. There were no graphics, no story mode options, and no iconic characters. But the idea of video games quickly caught the eye of many, leading to the commercialization of them in the 1970’s.

From arcade games to the advanced console systems of today, the video game bug has undoubtedly infected modern culture. It is no surprise that many companies have attempted to dominate the lucrative industry. But while we may hear the uproar of gamers when the new Assassin’s Creed debuts for Xbox and PlayStation, we also continue to see the success of MMORPGs on the PC, like World of Warcraft. We even see the successful launch of computer-based games like Minecraft, games which then go on to find the same success on multiple platforms.

PC Computers Rank Best

A recent study calculated that the PC reigns supreme in sales with $21.5 billion in 2014; double that of the console-based gaming hardware market. However, that figure for PC sales has been declining due to mobile devices such as tablets and Androids. Despite this setback, many gamers stand by the PC gaming industry. Many assert that PC games offer the best graphics and highest quality of play.

When in the market for a gaming system, remember that the PC has maintained its lead in sales for a reason. With the longest video game history, the best graphics, and the largest memory capacity, PCs continue to thrive.

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