What We Know: iPhone 14 Release Details

There are few constants in the world, but for years there’s been one September event you can count on; the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone. While we can’t confirm every detail of the iPhone 14 just yet, there are some credible rumors about what’s coming. So, should you wait for the iPhone 14 release or buy a device right now? Use the information we know so far to decide!

Apple iPhone 14 Rumors

We’re still a little ways away from the official reveal, but theories about what’s to come have been buzzing for months, and with good reason! Unlike the relatively modest changes that came with the iPhone 13, Apple is rumored to make some pretty significant design and spec shifts with the latest design.

No More Miniclose up of man using new phone

While we anticipate four new phones in the flagship lineup, we aren’t expecting a “mini” model. Instead, we will likely see two more affordable smartphone options with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max and the souped-up iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max options.

Changes to Face ID

While it looks like Touch ID enthusiasts will not see the under-display options they were hoping for, Apple is reportedly making some serious changes to the front display and Face ID housing. You can expect to see more differences between the pro models and standard iPhone 14 options than in previous versions.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Max will reportedly continue to use the standard notch of older models, including the iPhone 12. Pros, however, will likely feature a pill-shaped cutout that accommodates the Face ID components and dot projector and a circular hole-punch cutout for the front camera.

Possible Camera Bump Changes

While early renders showed the rear camera flush with the backglass, this shift is far from definite. Other reputable leakers have indicated that the camera bump on upcoming iPhone models will be getting larger.

Regardless of whether or not any rear design changes come to fruition, you can expect some familiar features in the look and feel. The new design will likely maintain a lightning port and display bezels with a similar size as the iPhone 13 line.

A Bump in Camera Performance

Of course, there are almost always camera improvements to talk about with a new iPhone. The pro models are likely to have a whopping 48-megapixel rear camera as well as 8K video recording. There’s a good chance we will see additional improvements with the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses too.

Bye-Bye Sim?

Rumors have been floating around about Apply ditching physical SIM cards for eSIM phones, but when that will happen remains a bit of a mystery. Some sources allege that the change could come with the iPhone 14, but we may be waiting for the 15 models to see this change.

More RAM and Storage

With more tech improvements comes the need for more speed and storage on your device. Luckily, Apple delivers here. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro are expected to have an A16 Bionic chipset. On the other hand, the standard iPhones will likely have the A15 Bionic chips instead. If you need another reason to upgrade to the pro models, you’ll also want to account for the rumored 8GB of RAM (up from the 6GB of RAM currently available on the iPhone 13 Pro Max), 120Hz refresh rate, and up to 2TB of storage.

If the specs of the new iPhone sound like a winning combination for you, then make your plans for the release date now! However, if you’re craving the smaller package of an iPhone 13 Mini or are interested in a more affordable model like the iPhone SE, these smartphones still measure up quite well against the flagship phones. Plus, you can save even more when you visit your local CPR store! Our friendly technicians are here to help you find the right phone for you, plus they can get you set up with accessories to keep your device in tip-top shape. And, we’re always here to help with iPhone repairs if your new or new-to-you smartphone becomes damaged.

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