The Top 15 Apps for Androids!

Bored on a lunch break? Need a study distraction? Hungry and don’t know which nearby restaurants might be tasty? Did your best friend just challenge you to beat his high score? There are many reasons you might seek out apps for Androids, and you will find more than enough. Once you step beyond the realm of social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer expanse of options available around the web. Sometimes it feels like you’ve gone where no man has gone before, discovering an app tucked away in the farthest reaches of web space. Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework and found the best of the best, the all-around top 15 apps for Android users.

Top 15 Android Apps

Download these Android apps for unlimited entertainment!


Whatsapp, Doc? Sorry, we couldn’t resist. If you are looking amongst the best apps for androids and wondering where to invest, look no further. Whatsapp is the world’s instant messenger of choice – yes, we said world. It allows users to share texts alongside video, audio, and images.


Looking for a way to stream some tunes? Spotify delivers millions of songs from the best artists, new and old. Free with occasional ads.


Keep up with the latest news stories and trends from around the world when you download the NYTimes app. The customizable features are an added bonus to make certain you are getting the most relevant headlines when and where you want to see them!

Draw Something

Remember Angry Birds? One of these apps for Androids is just as addictive – like Pictionary, only now you can share your drawing talents with the world wide web of strangers! After you weed out the cheaters, it can be a great way to waste time and laugh.


Pocket offers a free way to save web content such as news articles to your Android so that you can peruse them later (even while offline). You can even sync between multiple devices.


Ever worry about your mobile phone being stolen? Prey is a security-based app to give users peace of mind. It can locate a lost device by GPS, deactivate it by text message, and set off an alarm remotely.

The Game of Life

The classic board game created a 3D animated version for Android users! Play online with anonymous players or with friends on one device.

E-Z Fix

Do you enjoy tinkering with technology? E-Z Fix supports a wide range of how-to guides that document how to repair everyday items like a gaming console or a blender. Comments, explanations, and community support are all at your fingertips.

Adobe Photoshop Express

From filters to effects, curves, layers, and even the magic wand tool, Adobe Photoshop Express is the most complete photo editing app available in the apps for Androids market. Get the best of Adobe Photoshop on your Android device to seamlessly edit and share images like an expert photographer.

My CookBook

My CookBook lets you save your own recipes, try new recipes, and create your own personal cookbook. Customize your cookbook with photos, change ingredients or directions, and add your own comments to manage your recipes!

Zombies, Run!

An interesting alternative to FitBit and other popular health and fitness apps for androids, this little number will have you screaming for more! Or perhaps just screaming in your head as you run from figurative monsters such as zombies. If you usually daydream while running and want to add a little spice to your workout, try this app that establishes a virtual world for you and tracks your progress to get “supplies” and escape terrifying encounters.

eAsk Me

This app allows you to ask questions and stay updated about new technologies. Learn how to make money online by utilizing SEO, social media, and other tools in the eAsk Me app.

VHS Camcorder

Future directors and simple video gurus alike will appreciate VHS Camcorder. It turns your device into an old-school video camera! Make your videos look like a thing of the past if you have this on your apps for Androids list!


If you are a fan of Instagram, then you’ll love Over. It allows you to put text and illustrations over the top of your favorite photos!


This list doesn’t include the popular social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Why? Because there are so many that it’s hard to keep track and compare! Not to mention that most Android users probably already have them on their devices. Well, Snowball is one of the greatest complimentary apps for Androids! No, it doesn’t tell you how nice you look today (We wish!). But it does collect and organize all of your messages from other social apps into one place.

You can’t truly enjoy these entertaining apps without a fully functioning Android. What if your screen is cracked or it has water damage? It’s okay – that sort of thing happens from time to time.

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