Top 10 Apps for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is upon us! We all know that picking a resolution to work toward is easy, but keeping that resolution is the hard part. If you struggle with sticking to your resolutions, consider a different approach this time. Keep your goals going strong with some help from this year’s best New Year’s resolution apps.

10 New Year’s Resolution Apps

Step one is picking a resolution to work toward. Once you’ve got a goal in mind, check out this list of convenient downloads to help you nail it this year.

1.  MyFitnessPal

If your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, this app is designed to give you the motivation you need to do just that. Search for food items, enter your own recipes, set fitness goals, and keep track of your calories and exercise all within the same interface. MyFitnessPal is also as detailed or simple as you want it to be, allowing you to join challenges within the community or just use it as a health guide for your eyes only.  A bonus to the app? If you have a Fitbit or other step-counting device, you can sync it to the app for more accurate calorie and exercise values.

(Android, iOS: Free)

2.  Mint

For the budget-conscious resolution, consider downloading Mint. This app can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you set up your account, everything is smooth sailing. Mint pulls all of your financial information so you can see what your finances look like in one convenient place. Access your credit score (for free), set budgets, and see how much you have left to spend for the day to stay within your goals. It’s amazing how much detail this app gives, making it the perfect step in the right direction for keeping that New Year’s resolution going strong.

(Android, iOS: Free)

3.  Headspace

Vowing to spend some more time on you? Headspace is an app focused on relaxation, meditation, and your overall mental health. With 10-minute-long sessions, this app is designed to give you a space to relax and clear your head. By using only 1% of their day, users swear by the feel-good powers of the program. Test the waters for two weeks free or purchase a package for more sessions.

(Android, iOS: Free with in-app purchases)

4.  Yummly

If you’re looking for something to improve your eating habits, look no further than Yummly. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, or just want some new recipes to spice up your kitchen, this app has it all. Browse tried and true recipes, create a shopping list, and even discover foods tailored to your own personal preferences. Yummly even has a place that you can save recipes you’ve tried and love.

(Android, iOS: Free)

5.  HabitBull

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh and drop your bad habits for good. If you’re trying to quit smoking, cut back on drinks, or even looking to develop healthier habits, HabitBull is the way to do it. The app tracks your bad habits and shows you how often you do them, making it easier to see a pattern and eventually quit. To promote good habits, you can set reminders on the app as well. HabitBull also organizes your data into graphs so you can get a better idea of how you’re doing on your habits. This app offers organization and promotes a healthy lifestyle, making it a winner.

(Android, iOS: Free or $4.99 for Premium)

6.  Sleep Cycle

Ever feel like you’re tired all day and then when it’s finally time for bed you’re wide awake? Working on a better sleep schedule might be the perfect New Year’s resolution for you. Sleep Cycle is designed to track your sleep patterns and wake you during your lightest sleep. The app also offers charts that reflect your nightly sleep patterns and, of course, a customizable snooze button. This highly-rated app is programmed to gradually change your sleeping habits and transition you to a more balanced cycle, leaving you feeling more rested than ever.

(Android: $0.99, iOS: Free with in-app purchases)

7.  Peak

This fun app is perfect for keeping your resolution to challenge your brain. Peak has tons of games that are designed to push your cognitive skills to the limit. With a variety of categories that target different skills and abilities, Peak keeps you on your toes and keeps your brain working. The app also comes with a “coach” to guide you through the games and motivate you to raise the bar.

(Android, iOS: Free with in-app purchases)

8.  Duolingo

For those looking to expand their horizons and learn a new language, try out Duolingo! This app has a variety of courses that teach you the ins and outs of multiple languages. With games and placement tests, this app is designed to teach you a language of your choosing at the right pace for you. Sessions range anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes long, and the app shows you how you’re progressing overall. As an added bonus, the app’s chat feature simulates practical conversations that you may have in real-life as a way to enhance your learning experience. The best part? The app is totally free.

(Android, iOS: Free with in-app purchases)

9.  Evernote

Decided it’s time to get organized once and for all? This handy app has just about everything you need to get yourself in order. Evernote is great for saving notes, creating to-do lists, and even collaborating with others. One of the best features Evernote comes with is the ability to sync all of your notes, lists, etc. across all of your devices. This app will get you organized and motivate you to keep going with it’s handy checklists that remind you to keep up the good work.

(Android, iOS: Free or $7.99 for Premium)

10.  Hopper

If you’re looking to branch out and travel the world, Hopper is the best way to do it. The app does all of the heavy lifting for you, and comes up with a list of the cheapest flights and when the best time is to buy your tickets. Hopper makes traveling easy again and saves you some hard-earned money in the process. With this tool, you can be confident you are getting the best deals available, which means more money for future travels!

(Android, iOS: Free)

Though these New Year’s resolution apps are all great downloads, it’s important to make sure your phone is ready for the New Year as well. For a fast and reliable repair, look no further than the tech experts at CPR! Find a location nearest you, and prepare for a fun and exciting fresh start.

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