Cell Phone Protection – Steps to Protecting Your Personal Information From Hackers

Smartphone with an umbrella in the display - Cell phone protection from cyber threats.

From online hackers to identity theft, protecting your information online is important. But, what about on your mobile device? Cell phones house just as much personal information as a computer and are more vulnerable to attack. Consider protecting your phone and the information it stores.

Tips for Protecting Your Cell Phone

  • Use passwords. No matter what kind you use, passwords protect your personal information. A good password is individualized across apps and email accounts. Do not use the same password for everything, and make sure they are unique. There are many websites available that create randomized passwords.

  • Install anti-malware apps or other security software. Malware apps steal information from your phone; so make sure you choose trustworthy apps before downloading. An ideal security app is accessible remotely and has password protected settings. These apps are helpful for recovering a stolen phone.

  • If you suspect your phone was hacked, remove the battery immediately, stopping the flow of information.

  • A prepaid SIM is useful for short-term information storage and usage if you’re anxious about security threats . Destroy the prepaid SIM each time it runs out of room. Doing this ensures your personal information is not sitting in your phone.

No phone is foolproof. If your phone moves at a slower pace, email loads slowly or battery life unexpectedly plummets, your phone has already been hacked. Document any fraudulent charges, inform your bank and service provider, and uninstall any suspicious apps that could be linked to the problem.

Phones are an integral part of everyday life, and they hold personal information. Make sure your protect yours. Installing the correct anti-malware apps and protecting your phone using passwords decreases security threats. If your phone is hacked, remember these steps.

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