Why Does My Phone Keep Crashing Apps?

The last thing anybody wants after downloading an exciting new app is to see it crash immediately after starting up. After trying to close the app and reopen it, only to see it crash again, it’s easy to become dejected and simply delete the app. Rather than accept that the app won’t work, consider some of the following common reasons for the crash along with how to fix it.

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5 Common Reasons Apps Crash on Phones

If your phone’s apps are consistently crashing, it’s likely that the root issue is one of the five issues listed below.

1. Your app isn’t updated to its newest version.

In some cases, the reason your app isn’t loading may be that it hasn’t been updated to its most recent version. Apps often roll out updates to address security concerns, release new content, address existing bugs, and more. Check for an updated version, or turn on automatic updates for your apps.

2. The app has too many glitches built in.

While the app store on various devices generally has stringent policies on which apps are allowed onto their stores, it isn’t a foolproof design. Apps that aren’t completely ironed out yet can still make their way onto app stores despite having many unresolved bugs or glitches. If you are using an app that has very few reviews or isn’t from an accredited brand, consider this possibility.

3. Your phone’s operating system is out of date.

Apps and phones work together simultaneously. If your phone’s operating system is outdated and no longer supports the code of an app, it could cause that app to crash right after attempting to launch it. In most cases, if this is the cause, you will notice that many apps won’t load anymore.

4. You’re in an area with limited cell service or not connected to Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi or cell service, sometimes apps won’t load. Since your phone cannot connect to the internet or get reception, the app won’t be able to connect to its servers. You may also check your settings to see if Cellular Data is enabled for the app.

5. The app is too new.

New apps often have bugs or kinks that still need to be worked out immediately after their release. If the app not loading on your phone is brand new, consider deleting it and waiting a couple of weeks or a few months before downloading it again.

How to Troubleshoot Apps Crashing on Your Phone

Typically, an app crashing is not indicative of a larger problem with your smartphone. However, if the following solutions don’t help solve the issue, it may be time to consult a professional service.

1. Keep your phone’s operating system updated

As mentioned, the culprit for an application crashing is often an out-of-date or incompatible operating system. Start by checking to see what software version your phone is running. Then, head to your device’s app store and locate the crashing app. Look at the description and see which software version the app is designed for.

2. Clear the memory and data on the app.

Insufficient memory management is another issue that can cause apps to crash on a device. Everything you do on an app needs to be stored within the code, but if the memory management on the app isn’t sufficient, it can cause a crash. Consider going into your app settings to clear the data on the app. Then refresh it.

3. Restart your device

Taking the time to restart your device may solve your app issue. Do a soft reset by turning your device off, waiting at least 10 seconds, and then turning the device on. If the app crashing resulted from a temporary bug on your device itself, resetting should help solve the problem.

4. Try deleting and reinstalling the app.

It’s possible that the application you downloaded was corrupted during the download process. Try deleting the app from your device and redownloading it to see if the problem is resolved.

5. Visit CPR Cell Phone Repair to get help from our certified repair technicians.

If many apps on your device refuse to load and none of the solutions above solve the problem, it may be time to visit a professional. Our WISE® certified technicians at Cell Phone Repair can help diagnose problems on your device and fix them quickly so that you can get back to using your phone.

Fix Your Device Today!

While an app refusing to load is a highly frustrating experience, especially if it’s necessary for your daily routine, you have options. If the above tips don’t work, visiting a professional service like CPR Cell Phone Repair is the next best choice. If there’s a major underlying issue with your device, you can rest assured knowing our professional technicians will use their technical knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem. To get your phone repaired and back in working order, reach out and find a CPR location near you today.

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