What to Do if Your Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

If you’re like many Android users, you probably rely on internet access daily to complete simple tasks, like checking personal e-mail or checking a delivery status on Amazon. With mobile data charges on the rise in the U.S., more and more users prefer to stay connected via Wi-Fi. After all, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as hitting your data limit and paying an overage fee. So, what happens when your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Although there are numerous ways to remedy this problem, we’ve outlined some helpful troubleshooting steps you can utilize below.

Steps to Take if Your Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

There’s never an ideal time for your Android Phone to disconnect from your wireless router. If you’re experiencing this issue and desperately need internet access, don’t fret. Take a look at these five easy troubleshooting tips you can follow at home.

Double Check Your Wi-Fi Settings

To start, make sure your Wi-Fi connection is still on and active. From your home screen, head over to your Quick Settings panel and pull down on your phone’s notifications area. Look for the Wi-Fi icon and click to turn it off. Wait a few seconds and click it again to enable. Your Android phone will begin scanning for an open network connection and should start reconnecting momentarily.

While you’re there, make sure your Airplane Mode is disabled. If turned on, Airplane Mode blocks your device from connecting to all nearby networks and Bluetooth.

Forget Your Network

Android Wi-Fi issues often signal a problem with your home Wi-Fi network rather than your Android smartphone. From your settings menu, open up your Wi-Fi network settings and scan through the available network names until you find yours. Press down and click, ‘Forget Network.’ Once it’s disabled for a couple of minutes, try reconnecting. You’ll be prompted to enter your Wi-Fi password for authentication purposes.

Reset Your Modem or Wi-Fi Router

If you’re still left with no connection after trying the previous step, you may need to check your modem or wireless router. You’ll know for sure if this is the problem if other devices are having connection problems. Because each is brand is a little different, you’ll have to read the box instructions or contact your local internet service provider for resetting steps if you’re unsure.

Try Updating your OS

Just like iPhones, all Android devices run on an operating system. Manufacturers will often roll out a new update to fix bug issues, so it’s pertinent to routinely check and stay on top of new software updates to keep your device and Wi-Fi running smoothly. To look for a new update, navigate to your settings menu, click on the ‘About Device’ section, and click on ‘Check for Updates.’ Depending on the type of smartphone and model you have, these steps may slightly vary. For example, many Samsung Galaxy users will swipe and tap on ‘Software Update’ after opening their Settings menu. However, some Galaxy models, including the Samsung Galaxy Note20, will display ‘System Updates.’

Check Your Third-Party Apps

In many scenarios, third-party apps have been known to cause Wi-Fi connectivity issues for Android users. To see if this is the case, start by updating any Android apps you’ve recently installed. If this doesn’t do the trick, try checking your Wi-Fi connection in Safe Mode. To enter Safe Mode, press firmly down on the power button until prompted to reboot into Safe Mode. Click the OK button. Once your smartphone displays ‘Safe Mode’ somewhere on the screen, try reconnecting to Wi-Fi. If you get a Wi-Fi signal, then it’s highly probable that a third-party app is causing the interference. You may need to delete the app off your phone and try re-installing at a later time if there are no new updates available.

If you still have no luck after trying the following suggestions, it may be time to seek technical assistance from a repair shop. While these steps often solve Wi-Fi problems for many people, your connectivity issues could stem from a number of hidden causes. For fast and affordable solutions, get in touch with your closest CPR location. Our expert technicians are equipped with the tools and skillset to get you connected in no time!

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