Meet CPR Cell Phone Repair’s WISE® Certified Technicians

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, our mission is to deliver quality service across an industry where that isn’t always the case — despite the importance technology holds in our lives. With help from WISE®, our partner in mobile repair education, CPR technicians are among the best of the best at what they do.

We can tell you all about what Repair Done Right means to us as a brand, but no one lives out this motto as well as the skilled technicians who make up our network. Hear from some of our WISE Certified Partners below.

Tim Ness, Multi-Store Owner and WISE Certified Technician

I own and operate several CPR locations in Minnesota [Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Woodbury, Hudson, and Coon Rapids]. We strive for the best overall staff and focus on customer satisfaction. We jumped at the opportunity to be WISE certified – it adds value and peace of mind to our customers knowing we are certified by industry standards and that all of our repairs are Repairs Done Right!

Emily Scarborough, Level 2 WISE Certified Technician at CPR Dublin

Meet Emily Scarborough, a Level 2 WISE Certified Technician and Senior Repair Expert. Emily is not only a recognized technician in our industry thanks to WISE, but she also is two certifications ahead of her classmates. One of her college requirements was to pass the WISE Technician Certification for her degree in Applied Sciences with a focus in Communications and Electronic Technology (think radars at Airforce bases).

Because CPR and WISE are partnered together, she was able to begin working towards her degree (having already completed the necessary certifications) and will finish early! She has become a strong advocate for WISE and CPR amongst her school peers.

Chris Adkins, Regional Manager and WISE Certified Technician

Chris Adkins is a Regional Manager at CPR and WISE Certified Technician who reigns from CPR stores in Barboursville, Morgantown, Marietta, Charleston, Bridgeport, Huntington, South Charleston, Logan, Beckley, Roanoke, and Hilliard.

Why is Repair Done Right important to Chris? Because he knows that customers rely on his team of technicians to provide high-quality, local repair solutions to fix their technology troubles!

Frankie Mihok, WISE Certified Technician at CPR Dublin

Frankie Mihok is a WISE Certified Technician who aspires to own his own CPR franchise! He recognized early on that having a uniform certification across our industry provided comfort to his business clients, who are committed to working with repair providers that have met specific requirements. Thanks to his WISE certification, Frankie has proudly met these requirements and is listed as a preferred technician with business clients in the Dublin, GA market!

It’s this dedication to education that separates CPR from other mobile repair providers. When you visit our stores, you can trust that you will receive a high-quality repair and industry-leading service. Come see us soon to experience Repair Done Right for yourself.

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