Choosing Between a Laptop or Tablet

Choosing between a laptop or tabletChoosing between a laptop and a tablet can be a tough decision in today’s high-tech market. Over the past few years, tablets have advanced tremendously to the point of being a true contender against many laptop computers. But what sets the two devices apart? We’ve put together a list of a few issues to consider before purchasing a new laptop or tablet.

Processing Power

Although tablets have become more powerful with every new model, there’s no denying that laptop computers typically have more capacity. Laptops have become the standard for personal computers, as they can handle more tasks and applications than a standard desktop computer. In the debate between a laptop and a tablet, we give the nod to the laptop if you are looking for a device that can get you through the workday.


The most noticeable difference you’ll notice when choosing a laptop or a tablet is the lack of a keyboard on the tablet. If you’re in dire need of a keyboard for a tablet, you may be able to sync a Bluetooth keyboard. However, that will add to your cost and decrease the battery life of the tablet. If you don’t care for a detachable keyboard, you can always use the on-screen tablet keyboard when necessary. This feature is a personal preference, but it’s an important detail to consider before committing to a laptop or a tablet.

Weight and Portability

In the portable electronic world, the trend continues to be smaller, smaller, and smaller. Although laptops have become impressively thin, there’s no denying that tablets take the cake in the lightweight and portable category.


Depending on what laptop or tablet you plan to purchase, the screen resolutions can be quite similar. What sets the tablet apart is the touchscreen. This is especially convenient for web browsing and apps, but it’s not always a necessary feature. The tablet falls short in its ability to stand on its own. A few tablets on the market have tried to fix this with a kickstand-like feature. However, if you are looking for a sturdier device, a laptop is typically the best option.


Tablets have lots of fun and exciting apps, but there are some programs that simply won’t function on both a laptop and a tablet. If you have specific applications you plan to run on your device; you may want to check if they are available for use on a tablet. This could be a deciding factor when you choose a laptop or a tablet.

Although there are many things to consider when buying a new laptop or a tablet, it mainly comes down to personal preference. We encourage you to take a look at your options before making a purchase. Try them out and pick them up to get an actual feel for each option. Before you make your laptop or tablet purchase, head over to your local CPR Cell Phone Repair and take a look at our refurbished selection. All refurbished products from CPR come with a six-month warranty and save you money!

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