6 Tech Accessories to Fall In Love With

The past few years have born a plethora of highly intelligent personal devices—from the much anticipated Google Pixel smartphone to affordable drones we can play with at home. Now, it’s time our tech accessories followed suite. Below are some of CPR Cell Phone Repair’s favorite, complimentary gadgets for your smartphone or tablet.  While some are new, and some are improved, all six are tech accessories to fall in love with this year.

  1. Tile Slim Tracker

We can all be a little forgetful at times, and whether we’ve misplaced our keys, wallet or cellphone, nothing is more infuriating than searching aimlessly. Enter Tile Tracker; a small, Bluetooth tracking device with accompanying easy-to-use app that directs you to misplaced items. This handy gadget can be attached to any precious personal item and will save you valuable time by emitting a sound when they’re out of sight. It works the same way if the reverse happens and you lose your phone—just press your Tile Tracker and your lost phone will ring, even when it’s on silent.

Newly available is the Tile Slim Tracker, which is as thin as two credit cards, making it a perfect fit for laptops or wallets. Choose from four preset ringers—that each reaches up to 82 decibels–to customize your Tile Slim.

  1. Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earbuds

The newest design in the Beats by Dre empire is the wireless Beats Powerbeats3 earbuds. The headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for wires or cables. They also feature water resistant elements, 12 hours of battery life and Remote Talk, which allow you to access Siri, take phone calls or control your music.

Because Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earbuds rely on Bluetooth connectivity, they will pair perfectly with Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which lacks a headphone jack hook-up.

  1. 360fly 4K Action Camera

The impressive 360fly calls itself the “world’s smartest 360-degree camera.” And this could very well be true; the camera features an array of settings and options: 360-degree video, standard first-person POV video, VR-compatible footage and images, all captured in live action. The single-lens camera is water-resistant, shockproof and dustproof, which enables you to snap and share panorama views in real time.

  1. FitBit Charge 2

New and improved, the FitBit Charge 2 proves once again that its technology is your best bet for a fitness band. The Charge 2 replaces an older model, the Fitbit Charge HR, while retaining some the gadget’s favorite features, like the 5-day battery and heart rate tracking. The Charge 2 boasts a sleek, steel body, larger, vertical LED display, and interchangeable wristbands.

Plus, Fitbit’s companion app—which is available for mobile—has only gotten better: a simplified dashboard, software synching availability and other helpful tweaks, such as the Cardio Fitness score. The Charge 2 may not be waterproof, but it is still the best fitness tracker available.

  1. Google Daydream

The world of virtual reality is still fairly new, but that doesn’t mean that companies haven’t started pumping out prototypes. Most still have limitations, but Google’s Daydream is best mobile VR system available right now.

Google Daydream is made entirely out of soft fabric that provides extra cushion, as the device is worn like goggles. With apps like YouTube and Google Street View, Daydream can virtually transport you across the globe: Patagonia, Morocco, New Zealand. Built-in games like Hunter’s Gate and Wonderglade allow for fully immersive gaming. Plus, Google is promising users that additional apps will become available as time goes on.

  1. TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender

As expansive as wireless internet has become, we still seem to stumble across the occasional “black hole”—where not even the strongest signal penetrates–every now and again. Which is why one of our tech accessories to fall in love with for 2017 is the TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender.

Available in different wi-fi speeds, depending on your usage, the Ranger Extender works with any router or wireless access point, effectively killing internet dead zones for good. The TP-Link Ranger Extender uses its external antennas and smart signal strength technology to deliver a broader range of sustained wireless coverage.

If you’re looking for smartphone accessories, need a device repaired or just have a question for one of our certified technicians, contact your local CPR store. We specialize in quick, efficient repairs for most makes and models of smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console and more. Find the CPR store nearest you, here.

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