It’s More Important Now Than Ever That We Partake in E-Waste Recycling – Here’s Why

In anticipation of Earth Day, CPR Cell Phone Repair would like to take the opportunity to discuss e-waste as it cements its place as a global concern. Currently, less than 20% of electronic waste is recycled, which presents a slew of human health and environmental concerns, and inflicts a scarcity of natural resources. If we continue to discard consumer electronics at such an alarming speed, we will see these consequences grow ten-fold. Our team takes a closer look at the current state of hazardous material disposal and offers insight into e-waste recycling.

Why You Should Care More About E-Waste Recycling

Electronics recycling isn’t a new effort by any means. But, as our current handling of electronic equipment becomes the fastest-growing waste stream, we are forced to take action. Over half of discarded electronic material comes from our cell phones, computer monitors and modems, tablets, and other personal devices.

How You Can Make a Difference by Recycling Electronic Waste

The mass accumulation of e-waste doesn’t fall entirely on the customer’s shoulders. Currently, states govern electronic waste rather than the EPA, and many are yet to impose legislation. By making changes at the consumer level, we could inspire change and drum up support from manufacturers and rule-makers alike.

1. Seek Repair for Damaged Electronic Products

As a whole, consumers strive to keep up with the latest and greatest gadgets, especially when their current device isn’t operating as well as it once did. But, this poses a never-ending cycle of tossing quality smartphones and tablets to the side when often, a repair or system upgrade would do the trick. Instead of turning to a newer, sleeker gadget, you should seek a repair service to diagnose and treat the issue you’re experiencing. Plus, repairs are usually cheaper than buying a new device, so you’ll be saving big bucks in addition to doing good for the environment.

2. Reuse and Recycle, Rather Than Trash

You can initiate some recycling efforts within your own home. One common example is to gift used smartphones, tablets, and laptops to younger children or even teenagers. You can install different apps to turn it into an educational tool. Also, you can easily control their viewing capabilities by creating parental controls in your device’s settings. Tablets are incredibly versatile, and there are plenty of other ways to repurpose your device.

3. Sell or Donate Old Smartphones and Tablets

Can you recall what you did with your first iPhone? If it isn’t sitting in a junk drawer taking up space, it was probably thrown away like all other trash. Chances are, a repair store with recycling services would buy your old device and pay you in cash or trade-in credit. Even if a device is beyond repair, technicians can often salvage hard drives and parts to save for future repairs. Instead of tossing your electronic devices to the trash bin, drop-off, resell, or donate your cell phones no matter their condition.

4. Buy Certified Pre-Owned Devices

Building off our last point, CPR Cell Phone Repair stores sell used devices for significantly cheaper rates. These certified pre-owned devices are a great bang for your buck. Since you’re spending less upfront, you can treat yourself to additional features and accessories. Plus, we inspect, refurbish, and warranty all pre-owned devices, so our customers can trust the products they’re buying.

At its core, CPR Cell Phone Repair keeps devices out of landfills, reducing hazardous material filling our environment. From buying and selling pre-owned devices to salvaging old parts for future repairs, we have implemented an e-waste recycling program to handle electronic waste better. Help us fight back against hazardous waste and promote greater environmental and human health. Visit your local CPR store to be apart of our e-waste recycling efforts.

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