The Top 6 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung released details of their all-new devices on February 20, 2019. The company announced that the world’s first foldable smartphone and the first 5G-capable smartphone will be released in the upcoming months, but the main focus was on the Galaxy S10. With a release date of March 10, the updated Galaxy is sure to be a ground-breaking device. Continue reading to discover the most exciting Samsung Galaxy S10 features.

The Most Impressive Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

Since the Galaxy S9 was released in March of 2018, Samsung has been hard at work making updates to the Galaxy device while innovating the smartphone industry altogether.

Samsung Galaxy S10 phone

  1. Pro-Grade Cameras

The triple rear camera system and artificial intelligence help to optimize colors in an image, offering users a unique experience to become a photographer without any training. The S10 camera provides tips while taking a picture to help users compose an appealing image.

Along with improved specs, the S10 makes it easier to share photos and videos than any other device. Samsung teamed up with Instagram to recreate the experience users have when sharing images and videos on social media. Galaxy S10 users can take photos in Instagram mode to add stickers and hashtags, use the app’s filters, and share images directly to their Instagram story or account without closing the camera app.

  1. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Rush

The Galaxy S10 was created to improve the user’s experience when using a smartphone, so Samsung partnered with Adobe to create a Galaxy-optimized version of Premiere Rush. Instead of uploading videos to a computer or laptop for editing purposes, Samsung users can make changes directly on their phone and share them seamlessly. With pro-grade cameras and expert video-editing software, the Galaxy S10 was made to capture memories.

  1. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung’s new Galaxy device is more secure than any other device on the market. The world’s first ultrasonic fingerprint scanner sends ultrasonic waves of users’ fingerprints to their phone, making it easier to unlock in sunny or wet conditions. This new technology also makes it more difficult for fingerprints to be replicated, making stored information more secure.

  1. Infinity-O Display Dynamic AMOLED

Another first for the smartphone industry, the Galaxy S10 features an Infinity-O display dynamic AMOLED. The display produces 16 million colors at 100 percent color volume, which is the most accurate display on a mobile device. With 42 percent less blue light and the ability to adjust the color temperature of the display, the Galaxy S10 is a one-of-a-kind device.

  1. WiFi 6

Samsung created a smartphone with a next-generation network that supports WiFi speeds up to almost 30 percent faster than the Galaxy S9. WiFi 6 capabilities work up to four times faster than WiFi 5, which helps users connect more easily when accessing WiFi in crowded areas. The Galaxy S10 is the world’s first smartphone to have WiFi 6 capabilities, among many other firsts.

  1. Battery Capabilities

The S10 is equipped with an all-day battery, but even more impressive is the capability to charge other devices directly from your phone. The back of the Galaxy S10 acts as a wireless charger to power up wearable devices or even a friend’s phone. Compared to the S9, the Galaxy S10 battery lasts up to 25 percent longer and charges 36 percent faster.

The S10 breaks multiple standards in the smartphone industry and is sure to impress. Ranging in price from $749 to $999, the Galaxy S10 has three different models differing in screen size, camera size, battery size, and more.

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