iPhone 6s – New and Improved

iPhone 6s.The iPhone 6s came as no surprise at Apple’s September event. The company has decided to follow their trend of giving the current iPhone model a bit of an upgrade without completely jumping to a new generation altogether. In addition to a few other product announcements like the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, the iPhone 6s is an exciting announcement for Apple fans everywhere. Here are the upgrades you can expect with the new iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Features

If you’re thinking of purchasing the iPhone 6s or just want to learn more about some of its new features, check out some of our favorite highlights. These upgrades are sure to take your iPhone experience up a notch.

3D Touch

Nowadays, a touchscreen is arguably the most compelling feature of a smartphone. There’s something beautiful about a touchscreen that we love—we want to touch the content we are viewing. The iPhone 6s has taken their multi-touch screen to the next level. With 3D Touch, your device can now respond with different actions based on the amount of pressure you apply to the screen. You’ve got to touch it to believe it.

Improved Camera

One area where the iPhone has always had room to grow is with the camera. The new iPhone 6s has a 12MP rear-facing and 5MP front-facing camera, improved from 8MP and 1.2MP, respectively.

4K Video

With the new camera comes 4K 30fps video capability. If you haven’t seen video in 4K resolution before, you’re in for a real treat.

Better Processing

The iPhone 6s comes loaded with an A9 64-bit processor chip for high-performance streaming, gaming, and data processing. Compared to the previous model, you’ll notice 70% better system performance and 90% better graphics!

More Durability

Smartphones have never been known for their durability, but the iPhone 6s could change that outlook. The body of the iPhone 6s is composed of a new alloy of series 7000 aluminum, which is the same material used in the aerospace industry. Apple also boasts that the cover glass is the toughest in the smartphone industry.

Touch ID Update

Fingerprint scanning is something that’s been widely popular since old-school science fiction movies. Recently, this technology has become a big selling feature in smartphones. Touch ID allows you to pay using Apple Pay and is now much faster than the previous generation.

Features like these make the new Apple iPhone 6s a true contender in the smartphone market today. Pre-orders have begun. Are you on the list? Perhaps you’re unable to upgrade or are simply not interested in the iPhone 6s? Keep your current device in top shape with CPR Cell Phone Repair. We can fix any issues you are experiencing with your device and get your phone back in your hands in as little as an hour! Stop by your local CPR today.

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