2016 Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 7 have been making headlines since their debuts in March and September of 2016. Both smartphones offer some of the most cutting-edge features in the game. If you’re trying to decide which phone to purchase next, learn how they compare by reading CPR’s 2016 Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 7 versus Galaxy S7.


Both smartphones wrap their modern features up in a design that is sure to turn heads. The Galaxy S7 has gone for a more significant change in appearance, whereas the iPhone 7 has mostly stuck to its tried and true model similar to previous models.

The Galaxy S7 looks sleeker than its predecessor and comes with a glass exterior on both the front and back of the phone. Though it’s more aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to note that this design makes the phone slightly more fragile than previous models. However, Samsung designed this phone with some degree of durability in mind. Receiving an IP score of 68, the Galaxy S7 is dust resistant and can survive in water up to 5 feet for a maximum time of 30 minutes.

Overall, Apple has not strayed from its usual design with the iPhone 7. Like the Galaxy S7, Apple’s latest creation is dust and water resistant and receives a good, but slightly lower, IP score of 67. The biggest change that should be noted is the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. It seems as if Apple is moving towards a wireless listening experience, though a lightning headphone jack adapter can be purchased to continue using the traditional style of headphones. To compensate for this change, the iPhone 7 features built-in stereo speakers in the old headphone jacks place. Whether this change is an advancement or deal-breaker is unique to every individual.


The cameras on both of these smartphones take excellent photos. However, each phone seems to rank higher than the other in different situations where lighting and the zoom function are involved. To see for yourself, check out these side-by-side shots.

Both the Samsung and Apple smartphones feature a 12 MP rear camera. Though the Galaxy S7 falls short to the iPhone 7 with a 5 MP front camera, it has a higher aperture rating of f/1.7. In other words, the lens lets more light in, increasing the quality of the photos. Again, this seems to be situational and can be seen in the photos linked above.

Apple has a better front-facing camera with a 7MP capability. Samsung has the iPhone 7 beat in terms of aperture, but just barely, as it comes in at f/1.8. Though Samsung has a slightly better rating, Apple’s model still has a brilliant camera. Depending on the type of photos you take, this comparison is subject to be considered a pitfall or an idle note.


Samsung and Apple have both improved upon their screens. While the Galaxy S7 features a slightly larger and brighter display, Apple’s latest iOS 10 adds a unique feature.

The Galaxy AMOLED screen measures at 5.1 inches, making it slightly larger than the iPhone 7 screen. Samsung’s model also features a sharper picture with a display of 2560 x 1440 PX. In addition to an undeniably brilliant screen, the Galaxy S7’s display never completely turns off. It will constantly show basic information such as the time, date, and any new messages all while using minimal battery juice.

The iPhone’s screen measures at a smaller, 4.7 inches and sharp 1334 x 750 PX display. This display is an upgrade from the iPhone 6, but still not quite as clear as the Galaxy S7. However, Apple makes up for this with their new iOS 10 and its 3D touch functionality. The iPhone’s screen can detect how hard or soft you press on it, displaying a sub-window of commands for certain apps. With a more touch-focused display, we can only assume Apple will run with this feature and create more functions unique to it in future updates.


Depending on how much you store on your phone, both Apple and Samsung made efforts to design options for any user.

You can either purchase a Galaxy S7 with 32GB or 64GB of storage. If you find yourself needing more room, the smartphone features a micro SD slot in which you can add an SD card up to 256 GB. With this feature, it’s likely that you’ll never run out of storage on your Samsung phone.

The iPhone comes in options of 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB of storage. Though it does not have an accessible SD card slot, it’s unlikely that you would run out of room on your phone. In the case that you find yourself needing more storage, Apple’s iCloud is always a solution to turn to for all of your Apple products.


When it comes to the lifespan of each phone’s charge, there is more of a clear winner. Samsung’s model definitely lasts longer than Apple’s, but again, it’s up to each individual to decide how important this feature is.

The battery life on the Galaxy S7 offers 28 hours of talk time, 55 hours of music, and 11 hours of internet browsing (on a 3G network connection). Samsung also takes the cake with its fast charging solution. When enabling the fast charge feature, the Galaxy S7 can go from 0-100% in about 30 minutes.

Though lacking in battery life when compared to the Galaxy S7, Apple’s phone still offers quite a bit of power. On average a full charge will give you 14 hours of talk time, 40 hours of music, and 12 hours of internet browsing (on a 3G network connection). It’s important to note that the iPhone offers more competitive numbers when being used with WiFi and LTE networks. As always, you can preserve your battery by using the Airplane Mode function on your iPhone if you’re really in a pinch for battery conservation.

iPhone 7 Versus Galaxy S7: Making a Decision

Whether you choose to go with the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7, you truly can’t make a poor decision. Both phones rank at the top of the list for the smartphones of 2016. As always, your decision should be based on what you personally find necessary and more appealing in a smartphone.

Regardless of your decision, you can never rule out glitches or even cracked screens. Restore your top-of-the-line smartphone to its former self with the help of the tech experts at CPR! We specialize in both iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 repairs, and can get your phone back to working order often within the same day. Find a location near you here, or use our mail in service.

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