Get the Most Out of Your Apple Watch: Tips You Should Know

You’re tracking steps, answering phone calls, and responding to messages. While all incredibly useful, these barely scratch the surface of what your Apple Watch can do, and there are some integrations and shortcuts you may have missed. Find out how to make the most of your wearable with our best Apple Watch tips!

5 Handy Ways to Use Your Apple Watch

From unique Apple Watch apps to powerful iPhone, Mac, and Apple integrations, the features below will improve how you use your watch.

1. Focus Mode

Do Not Disturb and turning off all notifications are two pretty cut-and-dry methods to filter what notifications you receive when you need to concentrate. Focus mode is the answer for someone who needs a bit more flexibility.

Unveiled in watchOS 8, this new setting allows you to create Focus profiles or make use of defaulted ones — i.e., Driving, Sleep, and Work — to decide which notifications you’ll allow pass through. It’ll let other people and apps outside your filter know you’re busy. You can even create Focus schedules based on your work, sleep, and other recurring activities.

To enable: Open iPhone settings app > Focus > tap plus sign > choose Focus. Follow the instructions on-screen.

To use on Apple Watch: Open Control Center > touch and hold current Focus > tap the Focus you’d like to use and how long you’d like it enabled for.

2. Time Your Handwashing

Apple Watch users have an easy way to make sure they’re getting their full 20 seconds. Once you enable Handwashing, your Apple Watch will automatically start a 20-second timer whenever it detects you’re washing your hands. You’ll know the timer has started once you feel a haptic alert.

To enable: Open Apple Watch settings app > Handwashing > toggle Handwashing Timer on

3. Set Up Your Apple Watch for Another Person

If you’ve dealt with a non-tech-savvy family member or even a younger child, you know that some of the basics may not always come easy. watchOS 7 made it so you can easily enable all the necessary settings and features for your loved one, even if they don’t own an iPhone! (You’ll need to own one, though.)

To enable: Set the watch next to your iPhone. Open the Watch app > tap All Watches > Add Watch > Set Up For a Family Member. Follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Apple Watch ECG

Did you know your Apple Watch can perform electrocardiograms? You’ll need to download the ECG app and complete a quick setup. Then you can easily perform an ECG by resting your arms and holding your finger on the Digital Crown. Your results will be stored in your ECG app and can then be shared with your physician to spot any irregularities.

To enable: Open iPhone > Health app > Heart > Electrocardiograms (ECG) > Set Up ECG App.

5. Mindfulness app: The New and Improved Breathe woman using apple watch to time workout

We all could use reminders to relax and breathe throughout the day — and practice awareness through reflection. The Mindfulness app is composed of those two components: Breathe and Reflect. The former will guide you through breathwork to help cultivate relaxation and release. The latter will deliver prompts related to our relationships, experiences, physical sensations, and more to invite us to focus our minds more singularly.

To enable: Open Mindfulness app > tap three dots > tap Duration > tap Breathe or tap Reflect.

Other Features to Optimize Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is a trove of functionality. If you haven’t already, consider the following settings and features:

  • Use your Apple Watch for Apple Pay
  • Enable Always-On display to activate your watch without lifting your wrist
  • Stream Apple Music or Apple Podcast through a Bluetooth connection
  • Create unique Apple Watch faces (you can even create a Face gallery to review and customize your faces!)
  • Enable Sleep Tracking to measure your quality of sleep
  • Monitor the level of oxygen in your brain through the blood oxygen app
  • Monitor your heart rate, rhythm, and other related metrics through the heart rate app
  • Enable Fall Detection to alert emergency services if your watch detects a heavy fall
  • Establish and track your workouts and fitness goals through the activity app

The future of smartwatches is boundless. If you’ve recently upgraded to a new Apple Watch, or are planning to, keep CPR Cell Phone Repair in mind for any wearable device repair! Locate a CPR store near you to schedule an appointment and receive a repair request.

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