New Computers: How to Make Them Last

New computers - make them last

Who doesn’t love new stuff? Picking out the brand you like, getting it home, unboxing… it’s all exciting. Preserving your computer’s life is the next step. After investing money in new tech and taking time to personalize it, you hope it will last for years. But how can you make sure your laptop doesn’t meet an early end? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help make your computer last as long as possible.

How to Make Your Computer Last

Keep these points in mind whether you’re looking for a new computer, or just researching how to take the best care of your current one.

Don’t eat or drink around your new computer (this should be a no-brainer!)

It’s an accident waiting to happen. We can’t count the number of times people have brought in their laptops after spilling water, juice, or even beer on their devices. Even little crumbs from crackers or bread can cause problems, especially underneath your keyboard. The best bet is to avoid the situation altogether. If you must, use a cover to protect your keyboard, and be sure to keep a tight lid on all liquids.


Use your laptop on a hard surface

Computers heat up as they work. There are small fans installed in them to circulate air around internal parts. If you are working from the couch or with your laptop on your lap, the fan’s intake may become blocked. This will not allow proper circulation and may cause the computer to overheat, causing permanent damage in some cases.


Take it in for regular tune-ups

Bring your new computer to the local repair store every so often and have them give it a once-over. These checkups usually include cleaning the fans and checking the internal workings. They can also spot potential problems to help avoid larger technical issues.


Use a surge protector

This is a must. A surge protector will keep electrical surges from traveling through a power cord and into your laptop, literally frying its parts.


Install Anti-Malware programs

Protect your computer from Malware programs by setting up automatic updates to all Anti-Malware programs. It’s an easy way to avoid expensive problems later on.

Preserving your computer’s longevity does not have to be a heroic feat. These easy steps can help keep your computer’s hardware and software working properly for the long haul. From tune-ups to full blown repairs, the Gadget Tech teams at CPR can help with your technology troubles. Find a location near you by visiting our location finder page.

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