Phablets: Future of Mobile or Just a Fad?

Phablets: Future of Mobile or Just a Fad?Not that long ago, cell phones were huge. Those large, gray bricks seemed as if you were carrying around your home phone! Of course, as technology improved, tech companies like Samsung, Motorola and Blackberry were able to create increasingly smaller phones.  Newer devices can perform an array of more advanced functions than previous generations of phones. In fact, in January 2014, mobile apps accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States, surpassing PC Internet usage. Now, companies like Apple, Google and HTC have joined the market and are creating innovative new phones with even more functionality than ever imagined.

As the number of things we can do with our phones has increased in recent years, so, too, has screen size. Larger screens allow for ease of use which makes a variety of tasks more efficient. It’s no wonder with all the time we spend on our phones, that the phablet was invented.

What is a Phablet?

Tablets have been around for a few years now, with one of the first being released by HP in 2001. These mini laptops have many of the same features as a standard laptop but need to be connected to WiFi to be fully functional. These drawbacks have led to a decrease in tablet sales (small tablets in particular), according to IDC, an IT research firm.

So, where do the ever-growing screens of cell phones and the extra features of a tablet intersect? Meet the Phablet! This term, originally coined by industry insiders, has been given new life in the consumer market as cell phone companies like HTC and Samsung have come out with larger and larger phones.

The beauty of the phablet is in its name. These devices are massive, sometimes boasting 6-7” screens, making the user experience and interface more streamlined. Apps, games, videos, emails and photos are all easier to see and enjoy on a larger screen. With full access to the internet and all that comes with it, phablets are indeed becoming mini-computers with seemingly limitless capabilities.

Will Phablet’s be Successful?

New technology can also have drawbacks. The biggest problem in the case of the phablet is its size. We love the larger screens, but they may not fit in your back pocket – or even a wristlet, ladies! Some clothing manufacturers are creating larger pockets to accommodate phablets. LG just introduced the LG G Flex, a phone that is curved to match the curve of the human eye for reduced glare and a better viewing experience. Imagine putting that in your pocket!

Convinced yet? If you’ve decided to dive into the phablet trend, but are worried about costly repairs to new tech, don’t worry. At CPR we have experience with cell phones, tablets, and phablets as well! Check out our smartphone repair page to learn about a few of our most common solutions. Enjoy playing with your phablet!

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