Deciding Between a New Mac or PC

Choosing between a Mac and a PC can be a tough choice when you’re in the market for a new computer. Before you even consider brands, you will want to know if you plan to purchase a desktop or laptop. Laptops are obviously more convenient for portability while desktops are often more powerful and flexible with upgrades. Diehard Mac or PC fans will swear that one or the other is far superior, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. We encourage you to look over these few points to help you when deciding between a new Mac and a PC.


The first difference you’ll notice when scoping out a Mac or PC is the physical design. The common trend now is to make devices clean and sleek. This is merely a personal preference, and possibly the least important on your list, but it’s worth checking out before making your purchase.

Technical Specs

In general, performance is fairly comparable. However, there are a few specifications you’ll notice when purchasing a baseline Mac or PC. While a new Apple MacBook or Mac Pro may come with a slightly faster processor, many PCs will come standard with more memory (RAM). Both specs can improve your overall experience, but you’ll want to take notes when comparing your options. If you have the ability to customize your Mac or PC upon ordering, you can upgrade as necessary.

Ports and drives

As technology advances, companies are continuing to push the envelope. Recently, Apple made a bold move with their latest MacBook release containing one single USB-C port and no CD/DVD drive. Because of this, the device is remarkably thin and lightweight. If you’re debating between a brand new Mac and a PC laptop, this could be something to consider. However, in desktop models these specs tend to remain fairly similar.


What applications do you need to run on your Mac or PC? This is an important question to ask because some programs may only be available on one or the other. In addition, some programs may come pre-installed on the Mac or PC, which can save you money.

Operating System

Quite possibly the biggest difference between Mac and PC is the operating system. While both the Mac OS and Windows are great, you may want to spend some time on each to get a feel for what is most easy to understand. Generally speaking, many users find Apple’s operating system to be slightly easier to use while others say that Windows is more versatile.


Your personal data is of the utmost importance. If you’re not careful, your information could land in the wrong hands regardless if you use a Mac or PC. The difference between these machines, however, is that Mac OS comes with built-in security and virus protection while Windows requires additional protection at an added cost. While either machine can have issues without keeping security software up to date, Apple is the front-runner when it comes to keeping your machine virus-free.


When shopping for your new Mac or PC, you’re going to notice a substantial difference in price. PCs often sell at a fraction of the cost, which is perfect for any consumer on a budget. Apple has a track record of selling at a premium price, but Apple fans believe it’s for a premium product because of its stability and resale value.

Purchasing a new Mac or PC can be an exciting experience. Neither brand is better as a whole, but one may be better for your needs. Knowing which features are most important to you can ultimately help you make the best decision for you. If you are currently having issues with a Mac or PC, bring it to the repair experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair. We’ll set you up with a free diagnosis and repair estimate.

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