Samsung Galaxy S7 Repair Services

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S7, having a reliable Galaxy S7 repair service that you can count on definitely provides peace of mind. When your Galaxy S7 needs anything from a screen repair to a battery replacement, CPR has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right – quickly and hassle-free. You can also sell your Galaxy S7 to CPR or trade it in for one of the many premium pre-owned devices available in our stores.

broken samsung galaxy s7 needing repair

The Samsung Galaxy S7 hit the market in February of 2016. The device possesses key features that were missing in previous Samsung Galaxy models: dust and water resistant certifications, a microSD slot, increased battery capacity, and more!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Damage

The Super AMOLED, 1440 x 2560 quad HD screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is meant to enhance your phone usage experience. Don’t let a shattered, scratched or broken screen prevent you from enjoying all that your S7 has to offer. If your device is suffering from screen damage, trust the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair. Many screen repairs may even be done within the same day.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Damage

If your Samsung Galaxy S7 has taken a dip in the washer, pool, toilet or drink, don’t panic! Once you fish your device out of the water, visit your nearest CPR Cell Phone Repair. Repairing a water-damaged phone properly is a complicated process. The technicians at CPR have professional experience in water damage repair.

When you bring your S7 to CPR, the technicians will first give you a free estimate on the repair. To repair the water damage, we carefully disassemble the phone, scrub the interior of the Galaxy S7 using aliphatic hydrocarbon and ultrasonic cleaner with isopropyl alcohol. We then flush any debris from the device, replace any permanently damaged parts, and test the phone once reassembled. If you’re experiencing water damage in your Samsung Galaxy S7, visit CPR Cell Phone Repair today!

Great Prices

5.0 Cierra J. On Feb 26.
I was referred to CPR by Sprint to fix my Samsung Galaxy S7 and I was not disappointed. These guys really know what they're doing. Great customer service and a really great prices! (:
Dependable Galaxy S7 Screen Repair

5.0 Jason E. On Aug 30.
Looked around for a quick fix to the back glass on my Galaxy S7. CPR was the only place that had the part in stock, and they got it fixed within an hour. Thanks!
Saved my bank account!

5.0 Jami O. On Jul 16.
Thank God for CPR. I broke the screen on my brand new Galaxy s7. I couldn't image the cost again. My husband drives by CPR everyday and said give them a try. They blew me away with their service. Less than 24 hours later and my phone looks brand new again. The saved me and my banking account!
Great work!

5.0 William H. On Oct 19.
The only place that would fix my Samsung s7. Both front and back glass replaced in just a few hours. Great work and my phone looks brand new. Ill be returning here whenever I have a cell problem.
Highly recommend

5.0 Heather W. On Oct 19.
They fixed my cracked Samsung Galaxy S7 screen in under an hour! Would definitely recommend!!

How Much Will It Cost?

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, Samsung Galaxy S7 repair services don’t cost an arm and a leg. Our services are fast, reliable, and most importantly affordable. Depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your Samsung device, repair expense will vary. For a free estimate on your Samsung Galaxy S7 repair services, please contact your local CPR store.

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