5 Methods for Childproofing Your Electronics

Children’s curiosities often lead them to dive headlong into purses and bags in search of the electronic devices they always see adults using. And when their sticky fingers grope keys and slide across screens, electronics become the fast casualties of curiosity. This can create huge issues for parents who need access for their jobs and have to struggle to see past cracked, smudged screens and utilize buttons that no longer function. To get a replacement device is simply much too costly for the average consumer to afford; the first device was pricey enough, to begin with, let alone a second one. A great way to avoid accidents before they happen is to childproof your devices.

Childproofing Tips

Here are five methods for childproofing your electronics to help avoid any damage.

Screen ProtectorsChild playing with a smartphone.

Scratches, scrapes, and smudges – oh my! The easiest way to protect your device’s delicate screen is by childproofing it with a plastic layer that adheres to the screen and acts as a barrier between the glass and the outside forces that may damage it. You’ll need to buy a screen protector that fits your brand and model of smartphone or tablet.  Most electronic stores supply a wide variety of options.

Device Cases

A second and equally stressful physical result of electronic devices handled by children is a cracked screen or entirely broken device. This is caused for the most part by accidental drops. Little hands just don’t grip as well. Childproofing the body of the phone or tablet with a case is the best route. The rubber bumper edges will dissipate the crash landing force, resulting in fewer repair costs for you.

Set Passwords

Childproofing your electronics doesn’t only mean protecting them from physical damage. It also means protecting your files from being accessed and accidentally deleted or other similar internal mishaps. Setting a device password allows you control over when and what your young one sees and keeps your data safe.

Turn Buying Options Off

One of the main reasons children want to handle your device is to play games! From Farmville to Tiny Death Star, the graphics and ease of play lure little minds into mind-numbing fun. But they can also mistakenly wander into an app store and purchase games or in-game content without you even knowing! Childproofing your device’s content, therefore, is also important. To do this, turn individual apps or their buying options off; many offer a child-safe mode for this very reason.

Designate an E-Zone

Have you ever lost your device because your child can’t remember where they left it? Designating a specific place to keep your devices prevents lost time spent searching in vain before heading to class, a business meeting, or the gym. You can even take this idea a step further and designate an area or areas where your children can use electronics, which will keep devices away from the dinner table and other areas for quality family time.

Even with the most protective accessories and childproofing precautions, you can’t always keep your electronics free from damage. If your smartphone or tablet is cracked, smudged, or isn’t working properly, contact the support team at CPR. Any of our store locations can offer a free consultation and get your device on the road to recovery in no time!

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