The Journey of a Smartphone: From Broken to Restored

Ever wondered about the fascinating journey your smartphone embarks on from the moment it's handed over at your CPR store until it's returned to you in mint condition? We'd love to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our well-orchestrated repair process.

The Check-in: Your precious device is logged into our cutting-edge tracking system. Each gadget gets a unique ID to ensure seamless tracking at every stage of the repair journey. Our friendly staff makes sure to note down all your concerns and issues related to the device.

Diagnosis: Our highly skilled technicians, armed with years of experience and knowledge, carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of your device. This critical step helps us pinpoint the exact problem areas, whether it's a seemingly innocuous software glitch or a major hardware issue.

Client Consultation: Transparency and open communication are our core principles. Once we have a diagnosis, we get in touch with you to explain the issues your device is facing. We discuss the steps involved in the repair process, the parts required, and provide a clear cost estimate. Only after receiving your consent do we proceed to the next step.

The Operation: This is where our expert technicians spring into action. Each repair, be it a shattered screen replacement, water damage revival, or intricate internal fixes, is done with absolute precision. Our repair parts are sourced from the most reliable manufacturers to ensure quality and longevity.

Quality Assurance: We don't just fix your device; we make sure it stays fixed. Once the repair is complete, we carry out an extensive post-repair inspection to ensure all the issues have been effectively addressed and your device is running smoothly and efficiently.

Repair Complete: Finally, your device is now as good as new, gleaming with renewed vigor, and is ready for pickup. Be sure to add the ultimate accessory bundle to your newly minted device with a screen protector, phone case, and Device Care protection package.

From the moment you entrust us with your beloved device, rest assured, it's in the hands of professionals who care as much about it as you do. Dive into the action with our exclusive video that takes you right into our repair labs!

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