5 Best Ways to Repurpose an Old iPhone

Everyone has a junk drawer. Typically it’s a graveyard for old, unwanted cell phones. Instead of banishing old devices to the junk drawer, try repurposing them! Find out how in CPR’s latest blog, “5 Best Ways to Repurpose an Old iPhone.”

How to Repurpose an Old iPhone

child using old iphoneHave you recently upgraded to the latest Apple device? Read these tips for ways to repurpose an old iPhone or outdated iPad.

1. Use it to entertain the kids.

Download kid-friendly games, apps, and shows to keep your children entertained for hours– especially on long trips. Be sure to enable parental controls on the iPhone to block any adult content.

2. Use it as a security camera.

Consider using the camera on your old iPhone to record surveillance footage of your home while you’re away. There are numerous apps available that allow you live stream footage directly from your old iPhone to your new device of choice. Although using your old iPhone to capture footage provides limited security footage, it is an option if you’re interested in basic surveillance.

3. Use it as a remote control for the TV.

Did your television remote get lost in the couch cushions again? Many cable providers offer apps that allow you to not only control the TV from your iPhone, but also to record shows. Mount your iPhone to the living room wall or leave it on the coffee table as an alternative to your traditional TV remote.

4. Use it like an iPod.

Between photos, apps, texts and more, you’re likely running out of storage on your new smartphone. Why not free up some space by transferring music to your old iPhone? With music files and apps like Spotify loaded onto your old iPhone, you’ve basically made yourself a glorified iPod Touch.

If you’re not interested in hauling around a second device just to listen to tunes, consider hooking your old iPhone up to a home speaker. The old device can serve as your dedicated music player.

5. Trade it in for cash or credits towards a newer model.

If you’re looking for a way to make a little extra cash or save on your next device, consider selling your old iPhone at your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store. Not only does this keep the iPhone out of a landfill, but it provides you with a return on your initial investment.

For details on selling your old iPhone or trading it in for a newer model, contact your nearest CPR store. Our technicians will ask a few questions about your device and make an offer based on your answers. Our offers are guaranteed for 10 days so that you can visit the store at your convenience.

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