When Should You Upgrade Your Phone?

With the increasing number of new phones hitting the market, making the switch to an upgraded phone is a tempting proposition. However, recognizing if a new phone is even necessary can be a challenge. Certain new phones may not have enough features to warrant another purchase, whereas some phone models may completely eclipse what you currently have. Let’s dive deeper into the topic of learning when a phone upgrade is needed.

How to Know if You Need an Upgrade

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First and foremost, if there is nothing detrimental occurring with your phone, then the decision to upgrade your phone should be viewed as a completely personal decision. We all have individual needs and uses when it comes to our devices, with no two people using their phones in exactly the same way.

Truthfully, year-over-year differences in phone performance are typically marginal. Technology advances rapidly on a larger timeframe, but if you’re using last year’s phone model, then the current year may not have that much to offer in terms of added processing power or general specs. If you’re a few iterations behind, however, or have noticed that your phone is no longer supported with software updates, upgrading your phone can result in serious security and power improvements.

4 Signs That You Should Upgrade Your Phone

Regardless of the age of your phone, there are certain indicators that it may be time to upgrade your device. Keep an eye out for some of the following signs that should factor into your decision:

Your phone doesn’t support software updates.

Software updates don’t just provide occasional changes in the functionality of your phone. Many software updates are released to patch bugs that cause glitches in your phone or to plug security holes that have been found. When your phone is no longer compatible with software updates from the manufacturer, you may be exposing your data to security risks or hindering the long-term performance of your device.

Irreparable damage has occurred.

Serious phone damage that can’t be repaired may warrant a new device. Severe damage to the frame of the device, major internal breakdowns from water damage, or other serious issues are types of damages that could result in a phone upgrade. However, if the issue is slight water damage, shorter battery life, damaged speakers, or something similar, repair experts such as ourselves at Cell Phone Repair can likely solve the problem, rather than you needing to purchase a new device.

The speed of your phone is severely limited.

As your phone begins to age, the speed of your device will naturally start to falter. This isn’t due to any changes in the technology in your device, but rather due to the demand placed on that technology by new apps and features. When you install modern software onto an older device, that software is optimized for newer technology. As your phone’s old technology struggles to run new software, the speed of your device can be severely impacted, so much so that it may warrant a phone upgrade.

You need more functionality out of your device.

At the end of the day, it’s possible you may just need more out of your device. When you first purchased a phone, it’s possible that you only needed it for texting and calls, whereas you may now require certain two-factor authentication apps for work or the ability to have banking information at your fingertips. Needing more out of your device is one of the leading indicators that a new phone upgrade may be on the horizon.

Keep your technology up to date today

Just because your phone may have broken in some manner doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make the heavy financial decision of purchasing a new phone. Here at Cell Phone Repair, our experts can fix problems ranging from cracked screens, water damage, broken speakers or buttons, dead batteries, and more. We also carry a wide range of refurbished smartphones from popular brands including Apple® and Samsung®. To get your phone fixed or shop affordable phones for sale, don’t hesitate to reach out and find a CPR location near you today.

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