Tech Accessories: Customizing Your Tablet

Tablet accessories - customize your device.In a previous blog, we discussed everything that goes into deciding which tablet to buy. The growing tablet market has thousands of options to choose from. But picking a tablet is only the beginning. Once you have chosen your tablet, it’s time to customize.

Tablet Accessories

Check out some of the many ways you can personalize your new tablet.


The easiest way to customize your tablet is with a case. There are many options for cases. Skins will allow you to add a bit of flare and color to your new tech. Skins can project your personal style, but they won’t do much for protecting your tablet from drops or other external damage. A sleeve is the next level of coverage. Your tablet slips inside so the back and screen are covered when it’s closed. Different types of sleeves can also do double duty as a stand that allows your tablet to function more like a hands-free device. Finally, there are protective cases. If your tablet falls, these hug the corners of the tablet and cushion it. Some cases even have a keyboard, which brings us to the next accessory.


Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth keyboards are an easy way to increase the usability of your new tablet. These wireless devices clip onto your tablet and connect via Bluetooth. If you are using your tablet for work or time-consuming emails, a keyboard can make it much easier.



Stands can help turn a tablet into something more like a laptop. With a keyboard and a stand, you’ll be set to do just about anything. Stand options vary. As stated before, some covers come with a built-in stand that allows the tablet to be propped up. Other tablet stands are more secure; they hold the entire tablet and lift the tablet up off the surface of the table. There are even tablet stands that sit on the floor and reach over the edge of a couch or bed!



A stylus makes using your tablet even easier. The stylus functions as a pen on the touch screen and allows for a more accurate use of the screen.



A wireless speaker also helps you enjoy your tablet by creating a sound system directly from your tablet.



Internally, there are a huge number of apps and software specifically formatted for tablets. Download your favorite games and apps from the Android Marketplace or the iTunes Store.

Customizing your tablet allows you to use it to its fullest potential. From accessories to apps, you can build your new tablet to look and perform the way you want. Take your time to find the accessories that will make the tablet work best for you, and enjoy! Don’t forget, if you accidentally break it, we can help.

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