Top 5 Smartphones on the Market

One of the top 5 smartphones on the market.It’s incredible to think how far phone technology has come over the past 15 years. Futuristic technology that previously seemed impossible is now reasonably affordable and accessible for the average consumer. Research shows that roughly 64% of people in the U.S. have a smartphone. As that number continues to rise, we often hear the question, “what are the top 5 smartphones?”

Of course, the answer to this question is subjective based on your needs and desires. But when it comes to the top 5 smartphones on the market today, here are our choices.

5.  Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Kicking off our list of the top 5 smartphones is the Galaxy Note 4. With a rich 5.7-inch display and a 2.7GHz processor, the Note 4 is great for streaming video and running programs that require a solid system. 32GB of memory with 3GB of RAM allows this device to tackle nearly anything you ask of it. The included stylus is also a nice bonus for typing or tracing on the screen.

4.  Motorola Moto X

For a slightly more affordable price, the Moto X is an excellent option. With a 5.2-inch full HD display, and up to 24 hours usage time, this device is great for streaming video or running apps. The 13MP camera takes photos before and after you snap the shot, which allows you to choose the best possible picture. The Moto X even learns your preferences, such as “safe zones” like your home. Anytime you leave your safe zones, your phone automatically locks to keep your device secure. These are just a few features that bring this device in at number 4 on our list of top 5 smartphones.

3.  Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has done it again! The Galaxy S6 is taking the industry by storm. The aluminum and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass design deliver a lightweight feel while still offering structural integrity. 32GB of built-in memory with up to 32GB of user memory means that you have plenty of storage for apps, music, and videos. The 8-core, 2.1GHz processor, can out-clock many computers on the market, which makes this device perfect for running large programs.

2.  iPhone 6

We couldn’t possibly have a list of top 5 smartphones without mentioning the iPhone 6. For years, Apple has made an impressive line of products, and the iPhone 6 is nothing short of incredible. The device boasts an A8 chip with an M8 motion co-processor to run all of your apps and tasks with ease. The 1080p video recording up 60fps means that you can record stunning, smooth slow motion video like never before on any iPhone. And with the new Touch ID sensor, you can unlock your phone with your unique fingerprint! Lastly, the iPhone is the only phone able to run iOS. If you already are using Apple products, this is the route to go!

1.  HTC One M9

Coming in at our number 1 spot on our list of top 5 smartphones, the HTC One M9 has many features to flaunt. First of all, the sleek, 5.6-ounce design provides the perfect size for those who are seeking a portable but impressive device. If you are looking for a phone that takes stunning photos, the 20MP camera on the HTC One M9 is a great choice. The full HD, 5-inch display, and up to 21.7 hours of battery usage allows for plenty of photo editing and video streaming. The powerful 8-core and 64-bit processor also keeps up with your multi-tasking!

Whether you’re a smartphone novice or technology pro, these top 5 smartphones are sure to amaze you. Are you looking to trade up your current device? You don’t need to stick with a device that you’re not in love with. Stop by a local CPR! We’ve got options for you to buy, sell, or trade up your existing device.

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