How School Technology is Revolutionizing Education

As technology continues to intertwine with our everyday lives, it has become increasingly important that the next generation be technologically proficient. To foster this proficiency, more and more school districts have begun introducing one-to-one device programs. In fact, in a 2021 survey of educators, 90 percent said their school had invested in at least one device for every middle schooler and high schooler in their district. With such an enormous influx in school technology budgets, many wonder, “Is all this technology really making an impact on students’ education?”

3 Ways School Technology is Benefiting Students

According to a recent survey by Interactive Educational Systems Design and STEM Market Impact, 82 percent of school districts are interested in expanding or implementing a one-to-one device program within the next two school years. Continue reading to find out why so many educators believe in the power of school technology.

1. Increased engagement

Incorporating educational technology into the classroom increases student engagement and excites students about lessons. By using educational tools and apps installed on one-to-one devices, students can easily work on assignments, write reports, collaborate with other students, conduct research, and more.

2. Improved academic performance

According to Apple’s iPad in Education Results, schools all over the country are seeing increased academic achievements and test score improvements after implementing one-to-one iPad learning models. The report names a number of schools– both private and public schools– that have implemented an iPad model and experienced outstanding results. For example:

  • Richard J. Lee Elementary School, located in Coppell, Texas, experienced a 13 percent increase in reading test scores and an 8 percent increase in science test scores after implementing a one-to-one iPad model for fifth graders.
  • Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy, located in Southwest Ranches, Florida, saw a 200% increase in academic achievement based on National Merit acknowledgments after introducing iPads into the classroom.
  • After introducing iPads to students, Bell’s Hill Elementary School, located in Waco, TX, experienced a 20 percent increase in science scores, 11 percent increase in reading scores, and 17 percent increase in math scores on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

3. Improved Digital Literacy and Workplace Readiness

Introducing technology at a young age teaches children 21st-century skills to be used in the digital future and the workplace. From learning to new technologies and programs to understanding how to communicate using technology effectively, one-to-one device programs equip children with the necessary digital literacy skills to succeed post-school.

School Technology Benefits for Teachers and Districts

Aside from enhancing the learning experience and improving academic performance, there are a number of other reasons school districts are adopting one-to-one models. Some other reasons districts are incorporating technology into the learning environment include the ability to:

  • Save on costly textbooks and paper;
  • Automate grading;
  • Teach good digital citizenship;
  • Create easy-to-track student progress reports;
  • Expand course offerings and educational resources;
  • Stay in touch with students and teachers 24/7;
  • Offer personalized learning experience for students;
  • Accommodate children with different learning styles;
  • Cater to English Language Learners (ELLs); and
  • Provide resources for students in need of remediation or acceleration.

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Article last updated on May 13, 2022.

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