Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Troubleshooting

Samsung’s Galaxy Core Prime was released in November 2014. With its sleek 4.5” display, the camera features such as LED flash, autofocus, and face detection, and its availability in black, white, or gray, this device is a cut above the rest. However, even the best mobile devices can experience issues or malfunctions now and again.

If an issue should arise with your Samsung phone, CPR is here to save your mobile life! Below are the top Samsung Galaxy Core Prime troubleshooting tips to solve some of the most common user issues with this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Device Freezing

    If your Samsung phone keeps freezing, the issue could likely be with an app installed on the device. First, boot the Core Prime in Safe Mode, and if a third-party application is the source of the problem, your device should perform normally. If the phone continues to freeze in Safe mode, the issue is either with a pre-installed app or the software itself, in which case, you may need to reset your phone to its default Factory Settings.

  • Slow Performance

    One common cause for slow performance on smartphones is a full cache partition. Clearing the cache partition is a pretty easy fix, as it won’t affect any personal data like a Factory Reset will. To do so, turn the phone off and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons simultaneously to display the Recovery Menu. Use the Volume buttons to select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and select the option with the Power button. Then, highlight ‘Reboot System Now’ for the actions to take effect.

  • Poor Battery Life

    Quickly draining battery life is a commonly reported issue with Galaxy Core Prime, but there are a few things you can do to use battery more efficiently. First, make sure you’re keeping display brightness as low as possible, not using a bright or live wallpaper, and setting the Screen Timeout period to 60 seconds or less to improve battery life. It’s also important to make sure your software stays up to date. If battery drain remains a big issue, try clearing the cache partition to see if it improves.

While this Samsung Galaxy Core Prime troubleshooting guide should prove to be helpful for basic user issues, if they don’t solve your problem, it may be time to bring in the pros. The experienced technicians at CPR specialize in affordable, same-day Samsung Galaxy Core Prime repair services. Stop by your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store for a free repair estimate.

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