iOS 15.4 Features: New Emoji, Face ID with Mask, and More

Apple releases software updates like clockwork, and earlier this year came their latest iOS update. Not only are there some great new iOS 15.4 features like diverse emojis and Face ID with mask, but there are also some critical bug fixes. Continue reading to discover how Apple upgraded your device’s functionality!

New Features in iPhone’s Latest Software Update

iOS 15.4 brings some updates you’ve been waiting on. You can expect to see upgrades on several features that became available with iOS 15, plus some much-needed security patches.

Face ID with Mask On

Say goodbye to the discomfort of pulling your mask down in public to unlock your iPhone using Face ID. Apple has finally given us the capability to use Face ID while wearing a mask in iOS 15.4! Aside from unlocking your device, you can also use Face ID for authentication in Apple Pay and password autofill while wearing a mask.

Note: This feature is only available on iPhone 12 and newer.

New Emojis

Apple added a melting face, heart hands, kidney beans, and more to their emoji keyboard with their latest update. There are seven new face emojis, two new gender-neutral emojis, seven hand gesture emojis, and 18 additions to the Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Objects, and Symbols categories!

Also, we can now assign separate skin tones to the two hands in the handshake emoji to add some diversity to your emoji usage.

SharePlay Integrations

If you love the SharePlay feature in FaceTime as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know that you can now launch sessions directly from supported apps like TikTok, Disney+, and HBOMax. Any developer who streams content via apps can add this feature, so keep an eye out for SharePlay capabilities on your favorite streaming platforms!

Vaccine Cards

The Health app can now support the EU Digital Covid Certificate, enabling you to download and store authentic versions of COVID-19 vaccinations and test results. Additionally, Apple Wallet can support the EU Digital Covid Certificate format for upload. If you’re planning to travel to Europe, utilizing this is a must!

Siri Upgrades

Amongst the advancements in iOS 15.4 is Siri’s new ability to provide time and date information offline. iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 are the oldest models with access to this new feature. Additionally, you can now opt for Siri’s voice to be gender-neutral!

Other Enhancements in Apple’s iOS 15.4

Other updates added to the iPhone in the latest operating system update include:

woman using new face id with mask feature in ios 15.4

  • Safari translations for Italian and Traditional Chinese
  • Podcast filters for seasons, saved episodes, played and unplayed episodes, and downloaded episodes
  • Customizable Hide My Email domains in iCloud+ for heightened privacy
  • Audio content discoverable in the Today feed and Audio tab of the News app
  • Steps for Emergency SOS have changed; to use, continue holding down the Volume Up and Lock buttons for an additional five seconds — the previous method is still available in Settings
  • Ultra-wide camera magnifier on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Ability to add Notes to saved passwords in Settings
  • Fresh design and more details in Spotlight, which is now accessible by swiping down on your iPhone’s locked or unlocked home screen
  • Shared With You sections are newly available in Podcasts, Safari, Apple Photos, Music, News, and TV
  • Notification Summary capabilities and additional Focus settings
  • Tap to Pay between two Apple devices without the need for a third-party system
  • Apple Card Widget that allows you to see key account metrics
  • Universal Control of your Apple devices using one cursor – use multiple devices at once to have an extended screen without enabling Sidecar

iOS 15.4 Bug Fixes for your iPhone

Apple introduced a few new patches in the 15.4 operating system to ensure:

  • The keyboard no longer inserts a period between numbers when typed
  • News widgets open articles in Today View when selected
  • Photos and videos sync to your iCloud Photo Library
  • The Speak Screen feature stays operational in Books
  • Live Listen turns off when toggled off using the Control Center

Bug Fixes in iOS 15.4.1

The newest version of iOS uses security updates and software patches to fix a few more bugs, including:

  • Excessive battery drain after updating to iOS 15.4
  • Braille devices becoming unresponsive while reading text or displaying alerts
  • Made for iPhone speakers and headphones losing connection within third-party apps
  • A security vulnerability adversaries are using to execute code that allows them to take complete control of an iPhone

While we can expect Apple to continue to monitor their devices for additional bugs and update their phones to improve user experience, they can’t make iPhones indestructible. Call a CPR Cell Phone Repair location near you when your Apple device incurs damage like a cracked screen, malfunctioning charging port, or reduced battery life! Our expert technicians can get your iPhone working like new, with or without iOS 15.4.1.

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