LG G5 Review: Is It the Phone for You?

LG released the G5 in April 2016. Since hitting the market, users reported they are overall happy with LG’s innovative smartphone and unique features it brings to the table. After the G5’s first complete year on the shelves, CPR has a detailed LG G5 review to help you decide if it’s the perfect phone for you.

LG G5 Review: Specifications

The G5 packs a slew of cutting-edge features in its slim and sleek design. Available in four colors: titan, silver, gold, and pink; it appeals to a broad audience. The screen measures a comfortable 5.3 inches and has a good resolution of 2,506 x 1,440 PX. The G5 entered the smartphone market boasting unique features, unlike other typical Android smartphones. With its modular design, dual back cameras, and redesigned look, LG sought to change the name of the smartphone game and capitalize on the desire for better features.

A Modular Design

The LG G5 has two features that truly transform this phone to fit your needs. With an accessible battery and better camera capabilities, this smartphone packs a powerful punch.

Removable Batterylg g5 review removable battery

One of the biggest drawbacks to today’s smartphones is the amount of juice the average charge delivers. Recognizing this common complaint, LG designed the G5 with a removable battery. Once your battery is dead, you can quickly slide it out from the bottom of the phone and pop a new one in its place. Power the phone back on, and your device is ready for action again.

While some argue that the changing process can be a bit tricky the first few times, the option does satisfy the need for more power on the go. The battery is ideal for times when you know you’ll be far from an outlet or even forget to bring along your charger. Swapping the battery for a fully charged spare one is the perfect solution.

If you’d rather go without utilizing the extra battery, don’t completely write off this perk! If you’re planning to resell your G5 in the future, having a brand new, untouched battery is an excellent way to increase the value of your used phone. Whether you plan to swap batteries or not, there’s no denying this feature is unlike most other smartphones with inaccessible batteries.

Camera Accessoriescam plus lg g5 review

Another great feature of the G5 is the capability of transforming it into a more lifelike camera. By attaching the LG CAM Plus to the back of the phone, you experience a more realistic grip that mimics a real camera.

The grip adds a comfortable feel and gives users more control over their photos. It comes with a power button, zoom wheel, shutter, record button, and a LED light. If you are an avid picture-taker, then this feature is a must-have. Paired with the G5’s camera specs (discussed later in this review), your photos will look better than ever.

Though the removable battery and additional camera grip are both great accessories, LG has designed many more that can be purchased for the G5. See a complete list of the ones advertised by LG here.

Software and Design

The G5 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. This speedy processor provides users with an average of 12 hours of running time and charges quickly. When you run out of juice, the accessible battery gives you another 12 hours of power when swapped with a new one, as discussed previously. It comes with 4GB of RAM and has a lofty 32GB in storage. For the average user, this is plenty of storage space. However, if you ever fear you will run out of room on your phone, the G5 can hold expandable storage up to 2TB.

Always On

In addition to the speedy display, users praise the “always on” feature on the phone. This means the display is constantly “on” and will continuously show updates and notifications on the screen. Though this may seem like a small feature, it is convenient to never have to unlock your phone for mundane tasks like checking the time.

A New Interface

The G5 home screen can be arranged in two different ways. The phone’s default settings will remove the familiar app drawer from your home screen. This option creates a cleaner, less cluttered home screen, but it may be hard for users to adjust to such a new look. If you’d rather have the app drawer on your display, beware of some inconvenient changes. Adding the app drawer back to your screen will significantly enlarge the font (a change you cannot adjust) and remove the dashboard with your staple apps at the bottom of the screen.

LG chose to change its default home screen with the app drawer, a change you may or may not care about. If you find yourself craving the power to arrange your apps as you please, this may be slightly irritating and hard to adjust to.

Double the Cameras

One of the most compelling features on this smartphone is not on the display, but rather on the backside of the device. The G5 has two cameras, each designed with different purposes in mind. One camera is a 16-megapixel with a 78-degree wide lens. This camera is great for your run-of-the-mill photos or for snapping quick shots. The other rear camera is an 8-megapixel with a much wider 135-degree lens. This is perfect for scenic shots where you want to pack as much of the view into the picture as possible.

These options are great on their own, but they are even better with the seamless transition between the two. Users can easily toggle between the cameras quickly to ensure they get the same picture on both cameras. If you liked taking pictures before, you’re going to love it now. To see how the two different cameras perform check out these photos.

The Bottom Linelg g5 review

The LG G5 is a great competitor in today’s smartphone market, despite being a year old. It offers users more freedom than other phones and is available at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a camera-focused, super-charged smartphone in the mid-price range, the LG G5 is a great choice. However, if these key features don’t strike you as must-have things, consider waiting until something better enters the scene. LG and other manufacturers alike are constantly innovating and designing new phones to “wow” consumers.

Whether the LG G5 is the phone for you, or if you’re interested in something different, you can always rely on CPR for excellent phone services! We specialize in LG G5 repairs as well as other services and are always eager to help save your mobile life. Contact us today to speak with a technician about our services, or for more information on the LG G5.

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