2020 Roundup: Best New Phones Coming Out Soon

Last year, we were introduced to plenty of highly anticipated new features from our favorite smartphone brands, such as foldable frames, increased battery life, enhanced selfie and rear cameras, and accelerated AI processes. As we enter a new decade, we can expect more reliable system performance and better usability. If you’re in the market for your next device, be sure to check out these new phones coming out soon.

CPR’s Picks for the Best New Phones Coming Out Soon

Looking towards mobile trends in 2020 shows a new decade full of promise. CPR Cell Phone Repair discusses several smartphones coming in 2020 that we are most excited about from Microsoft, Motorola, Apple, and other brands!

Brands With Foldable Phones Coming Out in 2020

  1. Samsung
    Not too long ago, we were getting our hands on the first foldable phone from Samsung. At last year’s Samsung Developers Conference, the tech giant teased its second foldable phone concept. A hot topic surrounding the new Fold is its improved Android user interface, which boasts a much more user-friendly design than its predecessor. With full dark mode, more straightforward interactions, and hearing and visual enhancements, this new concept is sure to expand on the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  2. samsung galaxy fold imageMotorola
    Motorola vice president, Anthony Barounas, discussed a new Razr at MWC 2019, and it may make you want to relive the early-2000 mobile phone era. Unlike other foldable phones, its ergonomics hold a shape of a more traditional flip phone. This compact device sports a design that’s similar to the original Motorola Razr, and comes in a much smaller size than competing folding phones. It will debut later this month and operate on Android 9 Pie; with a Snapdragon 710 processor, 6.2-inch pOLED display, and the ability to fold and fit into one’s pocket, we think Motorola may be onto something good.
  3. Microsoft
    Formally dubbed “Andromeda,” Surface Duo is Microsoft’s iteration of a pocketable dual-screen device and is the tech manufacturer’s first phone in several years. The Surface Duo will run on an Android system and has an 8.3″ display, making it a full inch wider than most other foldable displays, including the Galaxy Fold. We won’t see this upcoming phone until the 2020 holiday season.

What About a Foldable Apple iPhone?

Apple was not among the first to roll out a foldable phone, and it’s likely we will have to keep waiting until early 2021. But good things take time, and an iPhone Fold appears to be well worth the wait. By letting other companies take the reigns, Apple is doing its due diligence, hammering out the inevitable issues from a distance. Apple hasn’t formally announced that a release is on the horizon, so a lot of the specifics remain unknown. Early teasers suggest that the iPhone X Fold may have a punch-hole design and an approximate 8’3″-inch display.

Other Smartphones Coming Out in 2020

If foldable phones aren’t your speed, America’s favorite phone lines are sure to release some equally exciting devices among their flagship lines. Although we don’t have any confirmed details about a Samsung Galaxy S11 or Google Pixel 5, we can almost definitely expect to see both of those devices in 2020.

Similarly, we can pretty much count on a new iPhone as it’s customary for Apple to release a faster, stronger model each year. Although early rumors suggest next year’s iPhones will include 5G capabilities, the tech behemoth is yet to confirm any details. If Apple sticks with their status quo, we aren’t likely to hear any specifics until closer to their usual September release date.

No matter which of these best smartphones you’re excited to get your hands on, you can trust CPR Cell Phone Repair for help when damage occurs. Whether our trained professionals are working with an iPhone 11, Google Pixel 4, Galaxy Fold, or another device altogether, you can trust that they’re equipped to handle a wide range of smartphone-related issues. To begin a repair, get in contact with your nearest CPR store.

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