Top iPhone Apps to Try in 2018

The beauty of a new year is that it brings fresh insight and new goals. The team at CPR Cell Phone Repair created a list of top iPhone apps to try in 2018. With millions of apps to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best ones. This roundup touches on the best of best, from fitness to project management apps, which will help make your life easier and more productive. Check out our list of apps below!

6 iPhone Apps to Download in the New Year

Discover CPR’s top iPhone apps to help you make the most of 2018!

1. Google Photos

We’ve all been there. You’re about to take a gorgeous photo and BAM! No storage space. That’s where the Google Photos app comes in. Through this app, you can sync your phone to do automatic photo backups on your device. It offers free unlimited storage, visual search, live images, advanced editing, and so much more. Be smarter in 2018 by using Google Photos to eliminate the risk of losing any photos, but still having space on your smartphone. Download the Google Photos app here.

2. Pocket

The Pocket app was dubbed one of the best apps by the App Store for a reason. This app can save interesting articles, videos, web pages, and more for you to come back to later. The best part? You can view these pages without data or Wi-Fi! Thus, making it the perfect app for train commutes, flights, or anywhere you don’t have service. Pocket offers an easy-to-view list layout so you can comfortably read content that’s important to you. Download the Pocket app here.

3. Mint

If one of your 2018 intentions is to get your finances in order, then the Mint app is calling your name. Mint is a free app that allows you to manage your finances efficiently. It combines your financial information so you can track how much money you’re spending, practice saving money, stay on top of bill payments, track your credit score, and more! Begin budgeting and staying smart with your money with an app that highlights everything in one place. Find the Mint app here.

4. Enlight

We think Enlight will be the last photo editing app you will ever have to download. One reason is that it won the Apple Design Award Winner of 2017! Enlight produces stunning photos through its high quality, powerful, and user-friendly properties. This app offers beautiful filters, photo enhancing, and impressive photo correcting tools. Enlight lets you create funny memes, collages, and you can directly share photos to your social media networks. You can even save photos as JPEG, PNG or TIFF. Download the Enlight app here.

5. Aaptiv

Want to get in shape in 2018 or become more active? Aaptiv has something for everyone! If you’re looking to run, train, stretch, or practice yoga, you can find the perfect workout that fits your needs and fitness level. Receive unlimited access to 2,500 audio-based classes that are led by professional trainers. Can’t find the time to break a sweat? Aaptiv offers workouts from 7 minutes to complete training programs. No Wi-Fi, no problem. You can download classes and listen to them when you’re offline. Plus, Aaptiv’s awesome music playlists will keep you motived and having fun! Download the Aaptive app here.

6. Todoist

Make 2018 the year you get organized with the Todoist app! From simple errands to big projects, Todoist helps you get everything done and keeping you calm along the way. Get all your tasks, thoughts, and ideas out of your head and onto your Todoist app. It offers features like daily and weekly progress, color-coded priority levels for assignments, and customized productivity graphs. Grant yourself a clear overview of everything that needs to get done with the powerful and practical Todoist. Download the Todoist app here.

Did we forget any of your top iPhone apps? Let us know in the comments what apps make your life more enjoyable. For more app inspiration, take a look at CNET’s Best iPhone Apps for 2018. If you find your apps aren’t performing properly, it may be because of a damaged device. For fast, affordable gadget repairs services, find a CPR shop near you!

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