Common Android Phone Problems and Solutions You Can Try at Home

While Android is a great operating system, it is not flawless. As with any device, it’s normal to run into issues here and there. Luckily, not all problems are as significant as they seem, and many can be remedied through a few easy steps. Below we will get into some of the more common Android phone problems and solutions users can attempt!

Easy Troubleshooting for Android Phones

If you are experiencing any of the issues below, you may have luck fixing your phone at home. See if you can save your Android device with one of the following solutions before tossing it to the side or bringing it to a mobile repair center.

1. Poor Battery Life

A few changes to your phone settings may help when your battery drains faster than usual. First, go into your settings menu and enable your device’s battery saving mode to slowly decrease performance and limit background data usage to preserve your charge. Next, head to Battery Optimization to check if you can place any apps in Doze mode. Doing this will disable certain notifications and features to keep your phone inactive when your home screen is off.

2. Connectivity Issues

Simply restarting your mobile phone could be all it takes to solve a lousy internet or data connection. Another easy fix is to turn your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Airplane mode on and off again if restarting doesn’t work. One last step to try is disabling the connection to your Wi-Fi network, waiting a few moments, and reconnecting to it again.

3. Overheating

android phone on charger

Certain third-party apps and even features like camera usage can cause your Android to overheat. If you frequently use a buggy app, try to uninstall it or check if it needs to be updated to the latest version. Additionally, Android users should keep their phone activity to a minimum while it is on the charger.

4. Google Play Store Keeps Crashing

A corrupt cache is the most common culprit when your Google Play Store keeps crashing. While this may sound frightening, it’s generally nothing to worry about. Plus, it’s relatively easy to troubleshoot this inconvenience. First, go into the All Apps option from your settings menu, select Google Play Store, and Clear Cache. This should give your app store a fresh start and wipe away any buggy issues.

5. Low Internal Storage

We have a few tips to try if you are constantly being victimized by the “Insufficient Storage Available” notification. First, go into the Application Manager (from your device settings) and review which apps are hogging your internal storage space. If there are any that you don’t use regularly, you could uninstall them entirely to save more storage, or you could simply clear the cache to free up space. In addition, some data-hogging platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, could be accessed in a browser, so you should also consider what you can offload.

6. Not Reading SD Card

As with other common Android problems we’ve discussed, you could try to reboot your phone if it’s having trouble reading an SD card. Next, you should try unmounting and remounting your card. Then, while it is dislodged from your phone, you could insert it into a card reader and then connect it to your computer to identify and fix certain errors. To do so, click Open My Computer and find your disk drive. Choose Property > Tools > Error checking > Repair drive.

Alternatively, you could erase contents from your SD card if certain elements are causing a card reading error. To do this, navigate to the Storage and USB setting on your Android device and locate the option to format your SD card. Keep in mind that you should backup all contents before beginning this process to avoid losing any important data.

Fortunately, many Android OS errors can be conveniently solved at home. But, if these common issues are growing into a larger problem, it could be time to visit a specialist. CPR Cell Phone Repair fixes many types of Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola Moto G, and so many other brands and models. To get started with your repair, locate a CPR store near you and submit a free estimate request!

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