Best Back-to-School Technology

A new school year calls for the latest and greatest gadgets. While you’re packing your back-to-school and other dorm room essentials, don’t forget to pack the best technology, too! Browse this list of best back-to-school technology to prepare you for the school year and keep you connected all semester long!

Best Back-to-School Technology

Find some of the most recommended gadgets and accessories for the upcoming school year below:

The Perfect Laptop

Finding the right laptop is a staple in your back-to-school needs. When choosing the right laptop, you should consider your courses, battery life, size, and a host of other specs. Because laptops are one of the priciest items you’ll likely need to purchase, it’s important you do plenty of research before settling on one. Check with your school for recommendations and be sure to inquire about student discounts and deals. For the current highest-rated laptops for school, see this list from TechRadar.

External Hard Drive

It’s no secret that backing up your documents and files is important. If you don’t already have a backup system in place, now is the time to get one. An external hard drive protects you from a data loss crisis and even can be used as added storage space.

Laptop Protective Accessories

Laptops often come with a hefty price tag. It goes without saying that you should go the extra mile to take care of your investment and do your best to avoid damage. With laptop accessories like cases, keyboard protectors, and screen protectors, you’re sure to get many more years out of your laptop while you protect it from spills, falls, and dust. Check your campus store or online at websites like Amazon to browse accessories that suit your needs and style.

Streaming Device

With an ever-growing rise in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, devices that cater to streaming rather than conventional cable TV are on the rise. Consider forgoing an expensive cable bill and purchase a streaming device like a Roku Streaming Stick or the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Both products are great alternatives to expensive cable packages, and with a multitude of apps built into the products, they cater to your Netflix addiction, too!

Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers are a great way to enjoy music with your friends. These small speakers pack a powerful punch and come with a host of other great specs, too. Though they may be small in size, most speakers on the market produce great sound quality, and some are even waterproof, too. With portability, style, and durability, these speakers are a back-to-school staple.

Wireless Mouse

Depending on your laptop use and preferences, consider buying a wireless mouse. If you find the trackpad on your laptop is not conducive to how you need to use it, a wireless mouse might be the perfect solution. With Bluetooth technology, a wireless mouse connects to your laptop, computer, or even tablet with no strings attached. You can opt for a basic mouse or purchase one designed for different grips, usages, etc. A new mouse might be all you need to freshen up your laptop experience.

External Keyboard

If you’re planning to do a lot of work on your iPad or another tablet, purchase an external keyboard to make the experience more convenient. By connecting the keyboard to your tablet, you can transform your gadget into a 2-in-1 laptop, and remove the keyboard when you’re finished.

Charging Backpack

Spice up your backpack game with a bag capable of charging your devices! Backpacks like the TYLT Powerbag offer multiple USB charging ports so you can charge three different devices on the go. Along with waterproof technology and a removable, rechargeable battery, your backpack can do much more than just hold your notebooks and papers.

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