Best Smartphone Apps on The Market

Narrowing down to the best smartphone apps can be a challenge with all of the amazing technology on the market. Whether you’re a part-time gamer, a smartphone photographer, or a small business owner, there are numerous apps currently on the market that are perfect for you.

Part-time Gamers

Clash of Clans

It’s no wonder why this game has held a spot on the top app charts for quite some time; it’s incredibly addictive! Build your army and lead your clan to victory in this online Sims-like adventure game. The app is free but offers premium in-app purchases.

Angry Birds Fight

If you’re looking for a game that is fun and addicting, but also one that you can just pick up and play for a few minutes at a time, Angry Birds Fight is a great choice. This turn-based combat game is a blast, and suitable for nearly all ages. The app is free but offers in-app purchases.

Music Fans


Perhaps the best music app for music lovers ever. Spotify allows you to listen to the music you love, anytime you want. Create custom playlists, or listen to playlists created by Spotify. The app is free, but a subscription is available for additional features and streaming without ads.


Find new artists and music anytime. Create playlists of tracks you enjoy and get music suggestions from friends. Soundcloud also has a variety of podcasts and audiobooks for streaming. The app is completely free.

Business Owners


Cell phone technology has come a long way, and entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of the perks. With Square, you can accept credit and debit card purchases in person with your smartphone. They provide you with a free app and card reader that plugs directly into the headphone jack of your smartphone.

Google Drive

All of your files, in the cloud. With Google Drive, you can create and access all of your online documents, spreadsheets, and other files from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Why restrict all of your files to one computer when Google Drive offers a free solution to have secured access from anywhere at any time?

Smartphone Photographers


This may seem like an obvious choice, but that’s because it is. Instagram is hands-down one of the best free apps on the market. Snap a photo in the app or import one you’ve already taken, edit it with the easy to use controls, and voila, you’ve got great looking photos to share with your friends and followers.


Take complete control of your photos with this editing suite. With several built-in free filters and controls, you can polish your photos to look like it was taken by a pro. The app is free, but also offers in-app photo filter purchases.

When it comes to the best smartphone apps currently on the market, this is merely scratching the surface. Do you have a favorite that didn’t make our list? We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’ve been experiencing issues with your smartphone or are looking to upgrade to a new device, stop by your local CPR Cell Phone Repair. Our experts are always happy to give a free repair estimate, or recommend a new device that can smoothly run all of the best smartphone apps!

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