Video games: Xbox Announces New Kinect Sports Rivals

Video game players

From Mortal Combat to the newest 2K sports game, the gaming culture continues to benefit from improved technology. Each innovation allows game developers to create more involved, life-like, and entertaining video games. It’s no wonder people stay up all night, immersed in a game!

The New Kinect Sports Rivals

At the Electronics Entertainment Expo last year (E3 2013), Microsoft announced the newest member of the Kinect sports group of games. Kinect Sports Rivals, which launches April 8, 2014, brings gaming to another level. Not only are players’ avatars controlled by motion-sense controllers, but they can also resemble the player they represent. Yes, Microsoft and Kinect are using facial recognition to create custom avatars!

Kinect Features

Sports-loving gamers will not only be able to create their avatar but will also compete at a more challenging level. Rare, developer of the new Kinect Sports Rivals, is headed by Craig Duncan, who spoke with Forbes. Duncan said, “When we started to work with the Xbox One hardware team it made natural sense to take [Kinect Sports Rivals] further — make it look better, play better and add more depth and mastery.” Kinect software monitors arm movements, facial expressions ,and even fingers!

Improved accuracy of the controllers allows gamers to compete at a higher level. Games like bowling, target shooting, soccer, tennis, rock-climbing, and wakeboard racing will be more life-like.

Innovations like those being used by Microsoft are changing the way gamers play. The inherent nature of video games now allows people to immerse themselves further in the game. Gamers can dive deeper into the worlds in which they play. Games like Kinect Sports Rival can become an outlet for competition, as well as a social experience for players.

Are you a gamer gearing up for the Kinect Sports Rival launch? Make sure your Xbox is in tip-top shape for the big day. Bring your system into the nearest CPR location for a thorough once-over and cleaning.

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