2020 iPhone SE Review: Big Performance in a Smaller Package

With the power of the latest smartphones and the body of an iPhone 8, Apple’s latest iPhone SE is causing a stir. Released at the end of April 2020, the phone is a competitive alternative to other mid-range options. If you’re wondering whether or not this small but mighty phone is right for you, then continue reading our iPhone SE review.

Apple iPhone SE Review: Is It Right for You?front and back display of the iphone se

While the previous iPhone SE was a truly tiny 4-inch phone, the latest model packs more features into a larger, yet familiar package. If you’re swooning over the performance and battery life of the latest iPhones but aren’t ready to shell out flagship phone costs, then the new iPhone SE may fit the bill. We unpack some of the key features below.

  • Design

    The design of the new iPhone SE offers a familiar throwback to the 4.7-inch iPhone 8. If you’ve missed those chunky bezels and have no plans to give up your home button and fingerprint sensor, then you’ll be quite pleased with the phone’s set up. While the button itself doesn’t move, it comes with impressive haptics that simulate a clicking sensation. You will, however, still have to give up your headphone jack to make the jump.

  • Performance

    While the outside of this small phone offers a throwback to Apple’s past, the internals are future-focused. The smartphone comes with the same A13 bionic processor as the iPhone 11. This upgrade means the iPhone SE should keep up for the years to come.

  • Camera

    The iPhone SE 2020 is equipped with the same 12-megapixel rear camera from the iPhone 8. Still, thanks to the processing chip upgrade, it outperforms many of its predecessors. While you won’t have the ultra-wide and telephoto lens options of the iPhone 11 Pro, you’re still sure to get some great shots.

  • Battery Life

    One area of notable difference from the flagship phones is battery life. Unless you’re a very casual user, you’ll likely find yourself plugging the iPhone SE into a charger multiple times a day. We recommend shelling out a little extra cash to upgrade to a fast-charging cable or wireless charging station. Of course, if your battery is consistently running on empty, then it may be time to bring your iPhone SE in for a repair.

  • Operating System

    The iPhone SE comes packed with iOS 13. This means you’ll have the ability to use dark mode, quick settings, and take more control over your privacy than on previous models. Plus, the iPhone SE will likely get security upgrades and software updates for a few more years.

Should You Buy the iPhone SE?

If you value a lightweight and pocketable phone, then Apple’s iPhone SE fits the bill. The small phone competes with many of the more expensive modern options. Unless you plan on pushing an iPhone 11 Pro Max to the limit and utilizing portrait mode often, then you’ll likely be just as happy with the iPhone SE. For the price point, it truly can’t be beaten.

Before you purchase an iPhone SE, repair your current iPhone to ensure it’s trade-in ready. Of course, if you decide that this new phone isn’t right for you, then your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store can help. We carry a variety of certified pre-owned smartphones from all the major brands. Swing by and let our friendly staff help you find something that fits your lifestyle and budget!

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