Business Solutions by CPR

Are you a small business owner? Then you know the sinking feeling that comes around when the office computer breaks, or your phone suddenly stops working. For large companies, there are whole divisions devoted to repairing broken devices. Unfortunately, smaller organizations might not have the luxury of simply sending these to the 4th floor tech repair specialists. Fortunately, Cell Phone Repair (CPR) provides small business solutions for all of your tech issues!

CPR Business Solutions

CPR offers Corporate Maintenance Plans for businesses with 1-50 employees, and plans for companies with 50+ employees. Both programs offer small business solutions that can be bundled in to corporate or employee liable programs.

CPR Business Services

Read about some of our business services to help your business here:

Customized Maintenance (extended warranty) Program

Services are interchangeable, allowing you to pick and choose only services you will use. Warranties are offered on a location by location basis.


Trusted Service – Secure Data Protocol and Confidentiality

We pledge to maintain the highest levels of data security when handling any devices brought in for service.


Data Remains on device (no wasted time transferring and recovering data, or re-installing software)

Don’t worry about losing data, we’ve got it covered.


Pick-up/Delivery Service Options

Negotiate pick-up and delivery options with your local CPR location, or mail your electronics in for repairs.


Global Network of Repair Stores

Has your business expanded cross-country or internationally? Repair programs can be used at any CPR location around the world.


Save Time, Save Money and Reduce Stress

Don’t worry about broken tech anymore – the experts at CPR can help with even the most difficult tech problems.

Employee Discounts

For companies with 50+ employees, we offer Employee Discount Programs as well. These programs allow you to negotiate with CPR to provide employees with the tech service and repairs they need. Services include:

  • Customized employee discounts

  • CPR works with you to develop and implement an internal extranet site link to communicate discounts

  • On-site Employee Day coordination

  • Walk-in retail store service or mail-in options

Maintaining your business tech is not easy on your own. The experts at every Cell Phone Repair location can help provide business solutions including custom repairs and warranties that will keep your company running smoothly. For more information about customizing your corporate services call 877.856.5101, Ext. 5 to speak with a CPR representative or message CPR directly at Contact Us.

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