iPhone SE Repair Services

If you own the Apple iPhone SE, having a reliable iPhone SE repair service that you can count on definitely provides peace of mind. When your iPhone SE needs anything from a screen repair to a battery replacement, CPR has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right – quickly and hassle-free. You can also sell your iPhone SE to CPR or trade it in for one of the many premium pre-owned devices available in our stores.

broken iphone se needing repair

The iPhone SE has the size that Apple users came to love and many of the features and technology advancements that the iPhone 6S and 6 Plus touted. With an A9 chip, 12 MP camera, retina display and more, the new SE was a great addition to the Apple product line.


iPhone SE Screen Repair

While the iPhone SE does have the strongest Gorilla Glass yet and has the added bonus of its smaller screen being less susceptible to damage, slips happen. Seeing your new iPhone tumbling to the ground is not high up there on anyone’s favorite things list. If your SE doesn’t survive the fall and you pick it up with a cracked screen, don’t worry!

The experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair are specially trained to replace iPhone screens. They will remove the damaged screen, clean out the debris and replace the screen and LCD in no time. Our quick and professional technicians only use the best tools and replacement parts so your iPhone SE will back to new in no time.


iPhone SE Water Damage

Like its predecessors, the iPhone SE does not get along with water. But sometimes your phone ends up taking an unfortunate dive into the toilet or ends up too close to your rain soaked jacket pockets. All hope is not lost for these waterlogged devices thanks to CPR. When brought to us soon enough, our technicians can evaluate the device for repair, open it up, dry it out and replace any damaged parts. Visit your local CPR if you have a water damaged iPhone SE today for a free repair evaluation!

Top-notch Service

5.0 Didi H. On Dec 30.
I have been to CPR three times now. Every single time I've received top-notch service. From my cell phone to my iPad these folks have really taken good care of me. Thank you for the excellent service!
Couldn't Be Happier

5.0 Mike L. On Dec 7.
I couldn't be happier with the service I received. To be able to take a completely dead iPhone and have it come back to life is amazing. Thank you CPR!
Brought My Phone Back to Life

5.0 Steve M. On Dec 1.
I ran over my iPhone with my car. No case on phone. It was a bent, shattered mess. They brought it back to life. Works great 6 months later! So impressed!

How Much Will It Cost?

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, iPhone SE repair services don’t have to break the bank. Our services are both fast and budget-friendly. Depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your iPhone, repair costs will vary. For an accurate estimate on your iPhone SE repair services, please contact your local CPR store.

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