Water Damaged iPhones: The Road to Repair

Has your phone gone for a dip in the pool, washing machine, or even worse – the toilet? If you’re rummaging the Internet in search of water damage repair tricks, beware! Some of the most recommended tactics are often times more harmful to your iPhone than helpful. CPR is here to clear up a few of these common misconceptions and guide you down the road to repair for a water damaged iPhone.

Water Damage Repair Tips: Fact vs. Fiction

There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to water damaged repair techniques. Luckily, CPR’s experts are here to shed some light on the most common water damage repair tips.

Applying Heat

Save the blow dryer for your hair and the microwave for your food. Applying heat to your water-damaged device will only damage it further. Apple claims that iPhone’s can withstand a maximum of 113 degrees Fahrenheit but operate best between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Applying heat to your water-damaged iPhone may damage your device in a number of ways. Extreme heat may jeopardize the lithium-ion battery, as well as warp parts of the iPhone. When heat is applied to a lithium-ion battery, the battery often loses its ability to ionize—a.k.a. your phone won’t charge.

In addition toheat damage, blow dryers may also expand internal water damage. When the blow dryer pushes air into the phone, it actually spreads water further throughout the interior of the device.

The Rice Trick

Perhaps one of the most widely recommended water damage repair tricks is sticking your iPhone in a bowl or bag of rice. While rice does indeed absorb moisture, it is one of the least effective methods of fixing a water damaged phone.

When liquid enters a phone, it begins corroding the motherboard; something rice cannot fix. Additionally, rice leaves behind a residue made up of sugars and starches. According to CPR Cell Phone Repair’s expert technician, Jacob Braden, “The sugars and starches left behind by rice speed up the corrosion within the phone. Additional corrosion means additional damage to your iPhone.”

Carrier Warranties, Manufacturer Warranties and Water-Damaged iPhones

Unfortunately, water-damaged iPhones are not covered under most warranties. Even Apple’s website says of water-damaged iPhones, “service for liquid damage isn’t covered by the Apple one year limited warranty or an Apple Care Protection Plan (APP)”.

Typically, warranties only cover manufacturer defects and are voided by accidental damage such as cracked screens and liquid damage. If your iPhone has come in contact with liquid, you could be stuck paying for an early upgrade, a new phone or an iPhone repair.

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