Electronic Recycling – What You Need to Know


It may seem easy to just throw out your existing phone when you upgrade, but there are better options. At Cell Phone Repair, we think it is very important to recycle electronics in any condition.

Why Donate Your Electronics?

There are many reasons why donating old electronics is a good option. Here are a few points to consider.

  • More recycled electronics means fewer devices ending up in landfills. Electronics, containing harmful elements, will sit in landfills for thousands of years, polluting nearby water and soil.

  • Valuable parts can be pulled from broken electronics and recycled into new electronics. Copper, silver, gold and palladium are all elements that are present in electronics and can be separated out for re-use.

  • Recycling can help empty out drawers in your home and can provide electronics for those who may not otherwise be able to afford them. Depending on where you recycle your electronics, they can potentially be reset to factory settings and given to people in shelters or in other situations that may not allow them to have a phone.

There are a number of resources to find where you can recycle your phone. At Cell Phone Repair franchises, we offer a recycling program. Simply bring in your old electronics for recycling. We have the experience and tools to repair even the oldest, or most damaged phones, laptops, gaming systems and tablets. When you recycle with CPR, you are also helping children in need. We have teamed up with Shriners Hospitals and make regular donations to their programs for each electronic device donated.

When you decide to bring in your old phone or other electronics for donation, steps should be taken to ensure your personal information is deleted from your old device.

How to Donate Your Electronics

  • Make sure your service is terminated before you donate your gadget. If you still have service, you can contact your service provider to have them terminate your service.

  • Please make sure any information that you have stored on your gadget, such as contacts and messages, are erased before donating. You can choose to go through and delete each item, or you can also try performing a factory reset on your gadget. The factory reset will delete all of your saved information, so make sure you have everything you need off your phone before completing this task.

  • Remove your SIM card from the gadget before donating. If you are unsure if your gadget uses a SIM card, you can contact your service provider to find out.

Donating your old electronics is an easy way to ensure you are doing your part to help the environment and give back to your community. CPR is not the only option for electronic donation. There are a number of resources that provide recycling locations and guidelines in your area. Visit the EPA’s website for links to electronic recycling locations in your area.

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